Tammy Sytch Denied In Court, Corey Graves At Smackdown, JR Blogs On Raw

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- Tammy Sytch tried to get a judge to modify the protective order Damien Darling has against her so she could visit him and they could hash out their problems. Her request was denied and she's still banned from making contact. TMZ has the story here. Sytch has been arrested several times this year in part due to her troubled relationship with Darling.

- Corey Graves, who was on the road with Raw last weekend, worked a dark match prior to Tuesday's tapings in North Charleston, SC. He went under to Ted DiBiase.

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry online with his Raw thoughts that you can read at this link.

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    In a crack-whorey, MILFy sort of way, perhaps, after a few brewskies. She has a nice pair of boobies from what I've seen recently, that's about it. I wouldn't say no if she offered, for nostalgia's sake more than anything, but I wouldn't go out of my way either.

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