Tammy Sytch Headed Back To WWE Sponsored Rehab

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch is headed back to rehab following a Tuesday morning court appearance. Sytch, appearing in New Haven Superior Court with her new attorney, requested she be sent to a treatment center in Pennsylvania.

WWE, Sytch's former employer that inducted her into their Hall of Fame in 2011, will transport her to the facility and pay for the treatment.

You can read more at this link.

  • Ian P.

    Is this in place of a prison sentence? I honestly hope she is serious about it, but hope she is not doing this to dodge jail time?

    • Hitman310

      Are you kidding me? She is becoming the female version of scott hall. Ofcourse she picked rehab over jail time, she doesn’t have to be locked up at all and she gets to stay in a more comfortable place. And speaking of scott hall any word on how he is doing? Been a long time since I’ve read anything about him.

      • JonnyL

        Suppose no news is good news, an update on Scott’s condition & well being would be nice though….

        • Richard Gray

          Scott emailed yesterday. He is training his son to wrestle and apparently doing better.

  • gibbons08

    How old is that picture of her? She looks good in that picture!

  • BigMike

    I have been waiting.when will she finally realize the truth of her life and finally do porn lol