Tara & Her Husband Open Pizza Restaurant In Chicago

Tara opened "The Squared Circle" pizza restaurant in Chicago. The official Impact Wrestling website posted the following:


A new pizzeria is taking shape in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and the owner is professional wrestler Lisa Marie Varon. The Squared Circle, which is a term often used by wrestling promoters to refer to the ring, is located at 2418 North Ashland and will feature house-ground burgers, brick oven style pizzas and a full bar.

Formerly Leon’s Ribs, The Squared Circle will accommodate approximately 48 patrons in addition to 15 seats in the bar area. Autographed wrestling memorabilia will adorn the walls and TV’s will showcase live sports including wrestling pay-per-views.

Varon’s husband Lee, will head up the kitchen which will include a custom-built brick oven.

"I could not be more excited about returning to chicago, and about bringing my concept to one of the greatest food cities in the world," explains Varon.

Varon is currently on board with TNA’s Impact Wrestling as “Tara” where she is one of their biggest stars and can be seen every Thursday night at Spike TV.

On Thursday, March 14th at 7:00 pm she will join wrestlers Hulk Hogan, The Icon Sting, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Velvet Sky and many more to perform at Impact Wrestling at The Sears Centre at 7:00pm. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

The Squared Circle will be open for business beginning Thursday, March 14th.

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  • Winnipeg

    …..news worthy?

    • Enough for you to click, read and comment?

      • Winnipeg just got buried by Richard. Nice one lol.

      • winnipeg

        lol good one

  • Bob Underhill

    Would this be part of the reason for losing the belt, besides that Velvet should have had it sooner.. Wonder too if she will be off tv for awhile to be at the new business till it gets going?

    • Tara posted on Facebook yesterday that she will be debuting a new look on Impact this week. This isn’t the first pizza joint she’s owned, so I’m sure she knows what to expect and how the whole thing comes together. Each business is different, but the basics are usually about the same.

      • soulfool

        She and Lee had a Motorcycle detailing shop in Kentucky where they live(d) that was burned down by some disgruntled customer a few years back…and before was the other pizzeria they owned !!! What ever came of that ordeal w/ the Bike Shop arson ?!? Tara Aka Lisa Marie Varon is the Oldest KO in TNA , but The girl still got it , which is more than I can say for those D-I-V-A’s !!! Hope Mickie returns soon , and WISH that TNA/Impact Wrestling would either defend The Division’s TT titles or retire them , same goes for The TV Title !!! Can We All Say “Hogan/Bischoff=BIG F’n MISTAKE , Dixie” ?!?

  • Kleck

    Can’t sell the G.T.S.

    A pizza joint in Wrigleyville sells a GTS pizza named after obviously, Punk’s finishing move.

    • Kleck

      features smoked turkey leg, sliced potatoes, swiss cheese and French fried onions on a creme fraiche base.

      • Don

        Good Pizza! Ians Pizza. Well, it was Ian’s as of last year, but now they changed it. It’s Dimos now and it sucks.

  • Wish she lived around here…I love pizza, and she was one of my favorites in the ring. Best of luck to her & her hubby.

  • soulfool

    Good Deal !!! Wish Her and Hubby The Best ” In The World “…LOL !!! Never know , maybe He will swing by and order a pizza ?!?