Tara Reveals Her New Job With Restaurant Opening Next Year

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TNA Knockout Women's Champion Tara is getting back in the pizza business as she plans to open a new restaurant in Chicago in January or February 2013.

“We're sticking with what we know, with where we've previously had success,” Tara told the Chicago Tribune. “We're focusing on artisanal brick oven pizza. Everything (will be) made on premise: the dough, a fifth generation sauce, fresh local ingredients. And then house blend burgers: hormone and antibiotic free beef, ground in house.”

Tara, who previously had a restaurant in Kentucky she sold, isn't taking this on as a novelty project.

“This is not a pet project for me,” Tara said. “This is my job. I will continue to travel a couple days a week for wrestling, but I will be in the restaurant several days a week.”

Click here to read coverage by the Chicago Tribune.

  • _JIM_

    Good luck with that Tara. As she probably knows, something like 80% of all restaurants fail. It’s a very risky business, but since she has had previous success she may just pull it off. Chicago might even be a harder city to make a pizza joint succeed in due to it’s historical pizza restaurants that have been there for many many years. A lot of people won’t go anywhere but those places.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I take it she is done with her last bussiness custom made cars.

  • She just won the knockouts title and now decides to focus on things other than wrestling….hmm.

  • BigMike

    _JIM_ not just 80% of restaurants fail …………actual stat is 80% fail within the first year and within the next 5 years half of them will go under as well…… I recently saw Tara in a show on Food Network called Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine-Gail Kim's new Hubby but she was on the show for just a minute at the end as a customer at the Restaurant he renovated and it was a place in Illinois

  • Hitman310

    i would go and eat there just to see her. I always thought she was one of the hotest female wrestlers.