Tara Says TNA Wasn't A Good Fit For Her, Return Out Of The Question

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Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara, Victoria) was on VOC Nation and ripped into TNA Wrestling. She said the promotion wasn't a good fit for her and made her appreciate WWE a lot.

While she refused to rule out a return to the ring at 42, she said that TNA was "out of the question" and that she hoped some of the workers in TNA got to experience the thrill of performing at Madison Square Garden.  Varon said she is at her new restaurant, The Squared Circle, in Chicago every night watching wrestling.

  • jackkedx10

    Even at 42 she is still sexier than most female wresters out there…

  • smark calloway

    i got something that would be a good fit for mrs varon ..cough, cough, nudge, nudge wink wink

  • ldb

    I don’t care about “42”, Dang she is fine. And a great performer too. I miss her.

  • Andrew

    Is there a link for the interview? I just wonder why it wasn’t a good fit for her..