Tara Says WWE Made Sure TNA Workers Were Banned From Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention

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Tara claims WWE wouldn't allow their stars to appear at the Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention this weekend if Impact Wrestling stars were booked. The former WWE Diva says she was scheduled to appear on Saturday but it was nixed due to WWE's request. You can watch Tara's claim embedded in the video below:

  • Patrick Peralta

    you know the people in charge of the Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention should have told WWE to go to Hell, who is WWE to tell another people who to book and not to book at their events. just to get WWe wrestlers to come to the Event.. Vince is acting like a immature brat.

    the Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention should have just booked TNA for the event and If Vince doesn't like it to dam bad. I would not put up with WWE or any other business telling me how to run a event..

    • Wes

      Well comic con knows a low wwe star will sell just as many tickets and at a bigger price than a big tna star. Either Tara or cm punk. I think comic con made right choice

  • Wwe4L76

    Vince is just a big kid, Just like wwes viewers thanks to all theyr changes because of Lindas political campagne

    • Ethan

      If u don’t like what wwe does, then don’t watch, stop complaining & enjoy the product

      • Wwe4L76

        No… I can complain as much as I want. Wwe, Linda, vince, cena, sheamus, wwes divawrestling and tagteamwrestling sucks big time!

        • Kevin

          WWE has tagteam wrestling? I hadn't noticed that since the days of Edge & Christian v. The Hardy Boys ended.

  • ghopkins13

    That’s not great business by Vince. TNA started this petty war though and Vince is just showing them that you don’t want to mess with him.

  • Miles

    I would have rather met Tara over any wwe independent contractors


    This seems fake to me. Dude acted 'so surprised' she wasn't going to be there. Ever occur to anyone WWE is trying to avoid more legal troubles with the lawsuit currently brought on by TNA themselves?

  • Kevin

    Vince is a brilliant businessman, but sometimes he can be such a bi***! He knows that his wrestlers are 10 times more popular than the TNA stars, so pulling the plug on their appearance at Comic Con was a good BUSINESS move, but a bad PR move. All he's doing is isolating the fans and making himself look foolish.