Tara Signs New Contract With TNA Wrestling

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Tara recently agreed to a new one year contract with TNA Wrestling.

While the company was looking to lock her into a longer-term deal, Tara wanted to continue to work year-to-year as she has done since 2010. Tara is 41-years-old.

  • MHJ

    Glad she is staying. She is a really good wrestler and I don't think her age should matter with TNA – Knockouts actually wrestle

  • ted

    all "wrestling" is scripted and choreographed. the only "real" wrestling is amateur wrestling at the collegiate or olympic level.

    who cares if tara stays in tna? she is too old to work in wwe unless she wants to play one of the diva's mother.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Wrestling is scripted?! Are you also gonna tell me Santa Claus isn’t real??


    Good for her she is a good female wrestler but would have liked her back in WWE in a role other then just comedy but a final run as the divas champion…….OOOOCCHHHH!!!

  • J-Dub

    She looks Dam Good for 41!!!!! You Go Girl!

  • Steve

    She looks better at 41 than most in their 20’s and she is a very talented wrestler as well. She knows how to handle herself both in and out of the ring, which is more than most, guys or girls