Taryn Terrell Set On Fire, Impact Video Preview, Hulk Hogan Thinks I'm A Mark

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- TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell was set on fire for a stunt. Watch a video at this link.

- TNA has posted a video preview for this week's episode of Impact Wrestling at this link that you can watch embedded below:

- Hulk Hogan called me a markā€¦ I can't make this stuff up, check it out at this link. What'd I do? Check out Tuesday's Ask WNW for the controversy.

  • He didn’t even get the site’s name right

  • Zack

    Terry thinks, or wants to think, he lives in a world where everyone is a mark and he’s still the center of the wrestling world.

  • 1molly23

    Me thinks HH called the wrong person a mark – man has no sense – too many bumps? too much ego? too many “vitamins”? too many surgeries? who knows – but he’s definitely got issues. Hate to tell him, the world does not revolve around him and/or his poor judgement.

  • Dave L

    Wrestling NEWS world Hulk..Wrestling NEWS world…

  • Win

    Tell Hulk Hogan, to go back and watch his 2005 SummerSlam match against HBK, and ask him who does he think was the Super-Mark in that match LOL! Hint: It wasn’t Shawn.

  • Win

    Better yet, someone call Bubba the Love Sponge and ask him just how big of a mark Hulk Hogan is.

  • Win

    Lets ask Linda Hogan’s divorce attorney who’s the biggest mark the Tampa Bay has ever encountered.


    He’s just upset you’ve done more for your site that he’s done for TNA

  • Yung

    I commend Hogan for bringing guys like RVD and Mr. Anderson to TNA but at what cost? Neither the old WWE stars on TNA or the TNA originals are being used properly. TNA needs to first of all get rid of Aces & 8s, make Matt Morgan a singles competitor again and give him a push, have Roode, Storm, Angle, Styles, Joe, Hardy, RVD, Anderson, Bully and Aries as they’re mainevent/title guys, reinvent their tag team division by bringing back MCMG keep Hogan behind the scenes and not cutting a lame promo on how red hot TNA is every week when its clearly not and use Sting as way to get PPV buys and escelate young guys.

  • soulfool

    Funny though , Richard…You’ve done the same shit to Me when I’ve posted remark’s on here that did “Not favor your way of opinion’s”…Huh…Huh ?? You banned Me after I spoke my mind about certain this’ and that’s and when I sent You request’s as to why You did what you did , yet You still never reply ?!? Well ??? Now Then…Hogan is a manipulative piece of shit that cares only for how his warped sense of reality sees things !!! The guy is an icon in The PW industry…BUT , is NOT relevant in anyway shape or form (mostly due to all his surgerie’s…LOL) to it these days !!! He is pure Trash as He and those like Him (Bischoff , Nash , etc.) need to be boycotted from the business 4 Life !!!

  • soulfool

    TNA and Mrs.Carter need to truthfully rid the company of these parasitic leeches and overhaul creative to make TNA what it was originally…a great potential PW organization w/ original idea’s !!!

  • soulfool

    That means The 6 sided ring , X Division , And Knockout’s Division need to be the main staple of the company once more !!!

  • soulfool

    Cross The Line , TNA…Kill Hulkamania for good…BROTHER

  • soulfool

    Hit The Road , Jack

  • soulfool

    And Don’t Ya’ Come Back

  • soulfool


  • JD

    Hogan, is the the only reason I am the BIGGEST WRESTLING fan alive today.. The HH haters, are young , uneducated marks, who get out worked.. LoL.. The IWC will always be a faceless, nameless, cowardly cockroach… HH 4 life!!

  • Josh

    He wasn’t talking about this stupid site.