Tatanka At Battleground; Sting vs. Triple H Tops WWE Dream Match List

Tatanka Backstage at Battleground

Tatanka Tweeted that he's backstage at WWE Battleground in Tampa, Florida. The following is from Twitter:

Sting Dream Matches

WWE is utilizing the beginning of their working relationship with Sting to their full advantage. The company analyzed five Sting dream matches in a new article here on dot com. The bouts are as follows:

#1 Sting vs. Triple H
#2 Sting vs. Bray Wyatt
#3 Sting vs. John Cena
#4 Sting vs. Chris Jericho
#5 Sting vs. Kane

  • Vic Jose

    No Sting vs Taker? What is wrong with them? Sting vs Kane is no ones dream match that I know of?

    • T-Zone

      I think WWE are already aware that people are interested in that match since a couple years ago. It hasn’t changed.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Could like two people come forward and say they’d rather see Sting vs. Kane over Sting vs. Undertaker? Because I’m not sure there’s a single one.

    • Vic Jose

      No kidding, who made this list, Vince? His grandkids? lol

      • Mike McCarthy

        This looks like a Vince Russo list lmao, that’s how bad it is.

    • David Jr.

      I think they were suppose to be current people. I don’t think Undertaker is considered current.

    • Brian Quiñones

      Lmao right?

  • Vic Jose

    Can’t say Sting vs Cena is at the top of too many lists either, at least I don’t think.

  • Smark Twain

    Sting vs Kane would have been epic if it was the same Kane from 1997-2001. Sting vs Wyatt sounds chilling, just imagine the promo work. I’m really curious who Sting would want to work with besides the Undertaker if he’s healthy. As far as a dream match list, this is pretty much a joke though.

  • Dave Barton

    Out of those 5 matches listed, only one has already taken place…