Tattoos In WWE, Breaking The Ring, CM Punk vs. The Rock, The Shield

How do WWE officials feel abut tattoos on wrestlers?

About 10 years ago WWE officials discouraged workers from getting ink, however, tattoos are so popular now, nothing is said. The company includes wrestler tattoos on their merchandise and have features like this on dot com.

I was watching the Brock Lesnar vs Big Show match from Smackdown couple years ago and I was wondering how real was the ring collapsing real?

This was gimmicked and recently duplicated at WWE Vengeance 2011 with Big Show and Mark Henry. The idea was to create a spectacular finish to highlight the massive size of the workers involved.

With CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship being such a highly anticipated main event, is it possible that it will go on last, after the Royal Rumble match?

I haven't heard if the Royal Rumble match order has been determined. Triple H and Pat Patterson booked the 30-man Rumble match a couple of weeks ago and they are still planning The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. My guess is Punk and Rock close the show but that's nothing more than my own speculation. As for the outcome, I don't see how Rock can be booked without going over. I want it on record if I were booking, I would put Rock over Punk for the title at Royal Rumble, have him successfully defend it at Elimination Chamber and drop it in a "passing of the torch" at Wrestlemania 29.

Which member of The Shield do you see as the breakout star of the threesome, such in the manner Wade Barrett was with The Nexus?

It's too early to tell. Roman Reigns is the greenest but even he tore the house down at WWE TLC. Looks can also be deceiving as Wade Barrett was the face of The Nexus yet Daniel Bryan has already had a World Heavyweight Championship reign and Ryback is in the main event. A lot of people praised Seth Rollins for his insane bump through the tables at the pay-per-view last month, however, a lot of people talked up the facial expressions and work of Dean Ambrose.

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  • drew1997

    I think you meant without rock going over


  • Rayner Chee-bai

    NO! Punk's more-than-a-year title reign shouldn't be wasted on Dwayne! Punk should enter WrestleMania 29 as the WWE Champion and “passing of the torch” to the future of WWE (not Ryback).

    • Jimmy

      Punk is the future of WWE

  • Ken

    As far as The Shield goes I don't think it's a matter of which of the three will be the breakout star. I think it's more a matter of how long it will be before each one has his own breakout moment.
    All three have the potential to be incredibly big stars in the WWE, and if Creative doesn't drop the proverbial ball with them there's nothing stopping any one of the three from carrying the WWE/WHC straps in due time.

    Anyone who's watched NXT's or FCW's programming knows what these three are capable of. I don't have time to scour Youtube but I'm sure there's vids on there that show what these guys can do. As far as in-ring action goes over the last couple of years FCW and NXT have provided better matches than Raw or SD have, with a few very notable exceptions.

    The great thing about The Shield, potential-wise, is that each brings something different to the table.
    Seth Rollins has the modern American style down to a tee. I see him as a mix between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy with all the potential of both. He does what he does and he does it great.
    Dean Ambrose I see as a mix between Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts with a bit of William Regal thrown in there for good measure. His program with Regal in FCW was excellent.
    Roman Reigns is greener, yes, but he's no less skilled or intense for it. He's had some amazing matches in FCW. Remember he's an Anoa'i. The business is in his blood.

    Seeing these three called up together gives me hope for the future of the WWE. I really, really, REALLY hope that the WWE doesn't screw it up.

  • Jordan

    Could always have Rock win his match vs Punk and then have Punk win the Rumble. Or vice versa.

  • British bulldog

    I definitely think ambrose is gonna be the man!!

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Since now days everyone who wins RR match end up opening wrestlemania then rock vs punk should just end the ppv

  • Sam Peters

    The Royal Rumble has to go last surely, its what the PPV is about, i know the importance of having the Rock back on PPV but he dont deserve to close the show everytime he wrestles, Jericho comes back and he dont always get Main Events so Rock should let it be the match just before the Rumble

  • FactionZer0

    I'd like to see CM Punk defeat The Rock at the Rumble and go on to say that he's beaten the biggest superstar ever and he DEMANDS respect. Boom gong hits and Taker comes out, Taker vs Punk at Wrestlemania.

    • Nick B

      But then you have to get the title off punk before mania bacause taker can’t be champion when he only shows up once a year.

      • Ben

        Taker wins and dolph cashes in?

      • Batman

        Yeah, putting the belt on Rock, who turns up twice a year, is a much better idea.

      • Snap

        There's actually a simple cop-out to that, which WWE actually put forward prior to WrestleMania 16. At that time, Mick Foley was retiring but was also in the WrestleMania main event for the championship. Linda McMahon then made an announcement that, should Foley win the title he would retire as planned and the championship would be vacated. They even did this scenario when Trish Stratus retired, where she won the Women's championship in her retirement match.

        So, if they were to go with Punk vs. Taker at WrestleMania, they could have Taker win and forfeit the belt. It's not a perfect idea, but it's one way to do streak vs. streak. I'm not in favour of Taker's streak ending, no matter who he's facing.

        • Jimmy

          I just can't see the Undertakers streak being 21-0, either they get him to 25-0 (but im sure he doesnt have that many matches him) or leave it at 20-0. Im a huge Undertaker fan but i could tell by his match at Wrestlmania last year that his time is over. Out of the last 4 Wrestlmania matches he has had, the very first one with Shawn Michaels was the best. and even if the Undertaker were to come back, i just don't see how they can top an "End of an Era" Hell in s Cell match against Triple H. Theres no one on the current roster that would make a more meaningful match.

    • Tom

      Then wwe will close down if the fatty gay punk still carry that title

    • Evon Reese

      I never ever want to see Taker vs Punk. There are a lot of others more worthy than Punk. Punk vs Taker would be a disgrace. To see him stand there and all he has to say to Taker is he doesn't get any respect would make me hurl. The Undertaker is a legend and deserves a legend to fight not a whiny cry baby

  • The Big Organ

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, The Rock winning the wwe title cannot happen. First because he is less than a part timer. He’s more like a special attraction. I believe Brock Lesnar is gonna interfere and cost The Rock the title thus setting their bout at Mania. Second, if he’s wwe champion, how’s he gonna be able to be at every raw and house show events? He can’t! He’s too busy with his acting career. Unless he decides to go full time from January-April then I can see it happening.

    • thecurtis

      Rock beats Punk, then Dolph cashes in the briefcase and is the NEW WEEK CHAMP!!! He deserves it…

      • thecurtis

        Stupid autocorrect.. I meant NEW WWE CHAMP

      • Adam

        He can’t cash in for the raw title.

    • A2H

      Rock is already booked for practically all tv Raws between RR and mania and even some smackdowns. He doesnt need to be on the house shaws to defend his title imo

  • John

    The ONLY way to book the Royal Rumble PPV is to have the 30-man RR match open the show then close with Rock vs. Punk. Having them go back-to-back would burn the crowd so this way they can have time to let the crowd enjoy the Royal Rumble match & still have time to get excited for the main event.

  • Maz

    Punk vs rock = PG era vs attitude era

    Vince would never let the attitude era beat the PG

    This match is kinda like passing the touch of a new Era

    • partyjereme

      You must of forgot last year when the number star of the PG Era lost to the Rock at WrestleMania.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      So this is kind of guy that WWE love to forget the past for so many times…

  • Bault16

    Now that you’re on the record, can you make a counter argument for Punk Winning?

  • Marc

    I think Rock should Win the WWE Championship at the Rumble and successfully defend it at Elimination Chamber. At WM 29, either one of two things should happen:

    •The Rock beats Punk and Ziggler successfully cashes in on The Rock to become WWE Champ


    •Punk beats The Rock and Ziggler successfully cashes in on Punk to become WWE Champ.

    Now, I realise Ziggler’s contract is for the WHC, but he could cash in on the WWE Championship.

    (Sorry for the long post!)

    • Bishop

      What do you mean “he could cash in on te WWE championship”? No he cannot, it takes away any and all of the contract being specifically for the designated belt. It would also devalue the World Championship even more that the winner of the designated contract cashes in on the other.

      I don’t really want to put up with the “WWE has no logic” defense, though it is constantly reiterated by commentators and even Ziggler that the contract is specifically for the World Championship.

      Nice try, but no

    • JoMo12

      You realize it’s for the WHC but that he COULD cash in for the WWE? EXACTLY how is this possible?! I’m so sick of everyone clamping for Ziggler to cash in on Punk or Rock or whoever has it because HE CAN’T! Vince thinks the fans are mindless I get that but really? That would be pushing the envelope of forgetting history and storylines completely way too far. Just deal with it IWF, either Punk or Rock will be your champ going into WM29.

      • JoMo12

        Clamoring* for Ziggler, fucking auto correct.

    • Pinkie Pie

      “Now I realize Ziggler’s contract is for the WHC but he could cash in for the WWE Title.”

      Dude, that didn’t even make sense. You said why Dolph can’t cash in for the WWE title and then still said that he should in the same line. The heck?

      The point is, he can only cash in for the WHC. Now, I still think he WILL cash in at Wrestlemania, but it will be for the title he can actually cash in on.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      No, he couldn't cash in on the WWE Championship. It's already set that Ziggler won the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Money In The Bank not WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Money In The Bank.

    • Ken

      That's not a long post, my friend.
      That's 7 lines if you discount the spacers, 6 if you don't count the apology.
      You should see some of my rambling epics for examples of long, apology-worthy posts.
      They give a whole new definition to TL;DR at times. Even I can't be bothered re-reading them at times.

      • Evon Reese

        LOL Ken's a Rambling Man.

        • Ken

          I just like to back up my opinions with explanations is all.
          Most of the time those opinions are somewhat 'controversial' and I want to do what I can to make sure I'm not just seen as a troll, because I'm not. Unfortunately explanations take time.

  • Stoney

    The WWE championship only headlined 3 out of 12 ppvs this year, John Cena headlined 9 out of 12 ppvs (2 were WWE championship matches).
    I just hope to see the WWE championship headline every ppv in 2013 (with the exception of the royal rumble) like how it used to be.

    • partyjereme

      I don't know what WWE you've been watching but the WWE championship has rarely headlined every PPV in a year, except for maybe back when Hogan was the champion in the 80's.

  • Jimmy

    Seth Rollins to me is like Justin Gabriel when he was in the Nexus, a talented young face who has the moves and the look but is being portrayed as a heel in a group, i just hope that once the shield split, they use Rollins alot better then they use Justin Gabriel nowadays.

  • A.C.

    The Shield is destined for greatness. I see all three of them with gold sooner than later.