Taylor Wilde Update

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Taylor Wilde is denying our earlier report she was unable to work Sunday's TNA Knockouts Knockdown pay-per-view taping due to work visa issues. The following is her response:


Rest assure the information came from a credible source within the Impact Zone and was not "fabricated." This was the word making rounds throughout the day and was obviously an unqualified rumor.

I apologize for the error.

  • Gray_Richard

    Why believe you or the source when this is coming from the person themselves? Makes no sense.

    • Skip Mathias

      Because many of the workers will fabricate their own story to the masses when the truth is otherwise. Just because she said something different doesn’t make it more true. Have you ever been caught in a lie?

    • OK first off… Logan Walker… Why are you posting anonymously? I guess I could also ask you when you started trolling but I already did that and you said it was an inside joke. Whatever. Just remember every comment you leave logs your IP address.

      Back on topic I’m not saying “I’m right” and Taylor is “wrong.” However, to insinuate or accuse the story was “fabricated” is grossly inaccurate. I heard from a credible source that brought me updates from the Impact Zone all day that was the word. I didn’t report it as a definitive fact, I said “The word from the Impact Zone…” that was and is the truth.

      That was what was making rounds amongst the fans and we’re connected enough to bring you that news. We were the only publication covering the taping with everyone else biting our spoiler reports.

      I apologize if the information was incorrect, however, I’m not going to say the story was fabricated. It was a credible story by a credible source. To think I just sit around looking to make up stories about someone that hasn’t even been on TV is just flat out ridiculous.

      • Gray_Richard

        Undertaker should beat CM Punk.

        • I spoke with Logan on FB and he tells me this isn’t him. No idea but since it’s a mystery I’m placing an IP ban on the address… This troll, at least under this IP, is donezo.

      • wrestlingfan4life

        You tell them, Richard! Reporting the information you get from a credible source is not fabrication. Just because it turns out to be false information doesn’t mean you “made it up”. And Taylor tweeting that she doesn’t have visa issues but is, in fact, retired doesn’t mean she isn’t lying. Perhaps she doesn’t want her visa issues made public, so she’s covering up the problems. Either way, she hasn’t been on television in so long that, until I read this story, I had totally forgotten she even existed.

    • Use a VPN next time Mr. Walker.

      • Yeah really, at least try and block your IP. I love how comments are no longer moderated so everyone can see just exactly the wonderful input we get from a few sad souls.

      • Gray_Richard

        Use a “ñ” next time Mr. Nunez.

  • Patrick

    people can say Some wrestlers lie about things and that might be true……..but not all wrestlers lie……….all so even good credible sources can be wrong they are not perfect.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    I dont get why people are getting on Richard right now, his sources have a high percentage of being correct, and he apologized for the error. Whats the issue?

  • soulfool

    She was another talented wrestler that had Her potential wasted !!!