Taz Joining Aces & 8s, Jeff Hardy Pulled From Tour, Spoiling Storylines, Wrestlemania 30 Location

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Why would TNA script Taz to join Aces & 8s? Does it make any sense if he can't wrestle?

The latest swerve in the Aces & Eights storyline is the inclusion of Taz. He's not returning to the ring but it's part of the progression of the faction. Remember the nWo had several non-wrestlers, including their own referee. The problem with Aces & 8s is a problem that faces many main event factions in that it is being overexposed.

It is a known fact that because of Jeff Hardy's past criminal conviction, he is not allowed to travel out of the country. Why then does TNA tell there European fans that the reason Jeff Hardy is not on tour, is because he is injured?

I'm under the impression Jeff Hardy was unable to obtain a visa [because of his criminal conviction] to travel overseas and join the TNA roster on their European tour. However, it's not a "known fact" as you assert, as the word I've gotten from my sources is everyone is kayfabing over it. TNA says he's injured, much like the claim was he was injured last year during the tour, but the truth is no one knows the exact reason Hardy was pulled. The fact he was advertised tells me TNA didn't feel it would be a problem.

I grew up watching wrestling, before the Internet became huge. I remember actually being surprised when storyline a played out on TV instead of on weekly spoiler alerts. Do you think the Internet has taken some of the fun away from the wrestling business and is there anything the writing team or top executives can do to keep it more secretive?

With the evolution of tablets, smart phones and the mobile web,  people are more plugged in than ever before. The very purpose this website exists to peel back the curtain and give readers an insider's view of the business. With that being said, Vince McMahon takes precautions in keeping things under wraps but the only way this is possible is to keep outcomes/future storylines close to his vest. The more people that find out about it, the easier it is for us to find out. As for the access to this information "taking the fun out," you can still be kayfabed, but the very fact you are asking this question at this website says you want to know what is going on.

What's the favorite city to host Wrestlemania 30 next year?

An announcement will be made soon regarding the location of Wrestlemania 30 but the last I heard, New Orleans was the front-runner. The city emerged as the front-runner due to a tax credit that would be granted to WWE should they choose to run the show there.

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    Does anybody actually like that new wnw logo ?… I can’t stand it myself… Bring back the old one , I say

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            If u had to pick between the miz, ryback, daniel bryan or john cena to win the rumble, who would it be?

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            Daniel Bryan or The Miz would be great. Ryback is not a good wrestler and the John-Cena thing is so tired. They need to move on.

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    anything looks better than the wwe title. and no, ricky my boy, i am not a troll. i just dont like looking at that monstrosity everytime i come onto the website. the old logo was more adult , more mature.. this one looks more like it for the kids

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    Wrestlemania 30 should be at MSG sorry

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      Yes I agree. It would be more traditional that way, plus if 30 years went to new orleans it would take the traditonal feel from it. Maybe they should wait to wm 31 to go to new orleans.

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      So into it! First WrestleMania, the tenth and twentieth were at New York City and it should be made as a staple as MSG are the mecca of sports entertainment. New Orleans can wait after 30, but not 30. Sorry.

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      It would be nice, but the building is too small for what the event has become. It’s grown so large that massive stadiums are the only choice.

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        Hey genius there’s the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Not too small a building.

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          Hey “genius” he was only responding about MSG. Chill out

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          Maybe, just maybe, you need to pick up some reading comprehension classes in your middle school.

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    30 should be in MSG. Anywhere else is an insult.

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    I also REALLY miss the surprise factor that used to be involved with watching wrestling, but the internet can’t take all the blame for the lack of big surprises. With WCW and ECW gone it has been left to WWE to come up with the surprises to cover what we used to get from 3 seperate companies. That’s asking a heck of a lot out of WWE and is basically impossible. Which is why I think that there has been a huge lack of big surprises for the past few years.
    I didn’t like that Taz was added to A’s and 8’s. Just seemed to me to be a cheap way of ruining the wedding angle without adding Bully to the group like everyone has seemed to be thinking was going to happen. If they make Brooke the leader I’m done. I will totally give up on their product. That would be the dumbest idea I think I’ve ever heard if they actuallly pull the trigger on it. She’s not a wrestler and has only been with the company for a few months. So it just doesn’t make sense for her to hold the kind of hate for TNA that it would take for someone to create a group bent on terrorizing the company. I’ve always been a big Hogan fan and have always supported him, but if he is really pushing for this stupid idea and actually makes it happen I will lose all the respect I have for the guy. Because he will obviously be putting his daughter ahead of what is best for the company. Just because he couldn’t get her singing career off the ground and it tanked miserably doesn’t mean that he should bring her into wrestling and push for her to be a major player like that. Putting your daughter ahead of things is fine in real life, but not when it comes to something concerning a business that she really has no business being involved with anyway. There are plenty of real wrestlers that deserve that spot way more than Brooke.

  • Chris

    Would be nice for the wwe to have a Wrestlemania in somewhere other than the USA. England has just done the most successful Olympics ever. So why not use Wembley stadium. I’m sure over 90000 fans would cram into the arena

    • Loren Goldstein

      The problem with that would be airing it live here in the States. The time difference is just too large. I’m not saying that is fair but this is where the company is located.

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    New Orleans is the 21st most dangerous place in the world and most dangerous city in America. I don’t think it should be there

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      That’s an improvement. It use to be the worst. Mercedes Benz Superdome, Wrestlemania 30 Hell Yeah!

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    New orleans is not the most dangerous city in america, douche. Only thing we lead in is murder(bc we dont play) and every other crime we dont even rank in the top 20. If its so dangerous then why have we hosted the super bowl the most out of anyone except for miami(whom we are tied with), also final fours, bb all star games, jazzfest voodoo fest, mardi gras and then hopefully wrestlemania. I understand what it would mean for the 30th anniversary to be in new york but ive always wanted a mania in new orleans and in my opinon the Superdome is not only the perfect place for a mania but more iconic them msg.

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      Wait? The Superdome would be more iconic than MSG for Wrestlemaina? To quote The Miz, Really? Really?

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        Not for wrestlemania or wrestling in general but for events or as a building, yes the superdome is more iconic

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    Wrestlemania 30 should be held at msg for sure… Now ric.. The logo debate seems to be split. I say you should do a poll.( I’m being serious ).. A poll ,whether to keep the kid friendly, atrocious looking title logo or bring back the more adult, more mature logo.. What do you say ?.. Let the WNW readers and fans decide