Taz Re-Signs With TNA Wrestling

Taz made headlines last week when he posted a cryptic Tweet and later deleted it. We reported then that Taz's contract with TNA Wrestling was coming up very soon.

We are now able to confirm that Taz has agreed to terms on a new deal with TNA. The terms of the deal were not available as of press time. The following is from Taz's verified Twitter account:


  • John

    Good for him, but please get him out of Aces & Eights! Love the storyline but the direction it went in was stupid.

  • Nostaljack

    Where else was he gonna go? He’s retired from the ring and WWE has enough non-ring guys. He was basically without options.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Lol true! Unless he sunk even lower and went to announce in the indies. Not that the indies are bad but for a guy who was at the penacle of sports entertainment to be announcing in an Indy show its just sad. But good for him that he’s in TNA still, not gonna lie, he’s not the worst color commentator they had,
      Remember Don West? “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!” Ugh that guy was annoying as hell!

      • Nostaljack

        I just think it’s riotous that he tried to bluff TNA. I don’t think even TNA would fall for that. There’s no way Vince would have taken him back. He’s have as much of a chance returning as Mantaur.

        • Hercules Rockerfeller

          He’s got much of a chance of returning as Mae Young has to pop out another hand courtesy of Mark Henry. Lol