Ted DiBiase Gone From WWE

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Ted DiBiase announced Monday morning that he has left WWE.

In a video posted on his official YouTube channel, DiBiase said that he's not saying "this is forever" but there are other dreams and passions that he would like to pursue. He said one of those is being a dad and everyone knows "the life we live is very hard." DiBiase said he's going to miss the fans and the guys in the locker room. You can watch the video at this link or embedded in the video below:

DiBiase, who has been recovering from a left hand injury, had been used sparingly on WWE television all year long.

  • Patrick

    best wishes to him. family is more important then wrestling and he knows that concidering his Dad and grandfather both spent more time on the road wrestling then with their own familes.

  • PFA56

    Hardly suprising but still a waste of third gen talent

    • BIG M

      Your right its hardly surprising but I never thought he was that good in the first place.
      Just goes to show it takes more then nepotism to make it big in WWE.
      Might make it big in TNA though, easer road life might fit his family life.

      • Franco

        Yeah I agree, and since he won’t have to travel so much he won’t need as much caffeine to stay awake to keep up with that heavy travel schedule. He will be able to enjoy the pleasures of DECAF now.

  • Matthew Guerrero

    Amazing have fun fishing man, see ya back after!!!

  • jdl

    In other words he was never able to connect with the audience in any way, his promos were weak, his wrestling was sub par and WWE gave up on him as a result since he never showed any real improvement after splitting with Orton and Rhodes. He’s just taking his toys and going home instead of working hard and improving.

  • Nostaljack

    He won’t be a big loss. He was given what could have been an interesting gimmick with the “fortunate son” thing and he didn’t know how to capitalize. They even broke out the “million dollar belt” for him and he couldn’t find a way to make that work either. Pack it up, go home, and have fun on the indies.

    • Xaeius

      What’s your passion in life so I can criticize you for it? Here, I’ll do it for you.

      Nostaljack will not be a big loss. His job being a frycook at McDonald’s was an interesting gimmick. With his “poor wages” and how he didn’t know the difference from a chicken pattie and a beef pattie. They even broke out the “tongs” for him and he couldn’t find a way to make him a better worker either. Quit your life, help your mother clean your bedroom, and enjoy your 35th birthday.

      • Nostaljack

        Oh pipe down, Eunice. LOL!

        • WrestlingFan4Life

          LOL, Nostaljack! Problem is, Xaeius will never – AND I MEAN NEVER – get the reference you just made. He just doesn’t have the brain capacity to work it out.

  • JJ

    Dang, was just wondering about him the other day, I always thought he was poorly utilized and was hoping he’d come back with a bang.

  • legato

    Good luck to Ted Dibiase in his future plans.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I don’t know if it was backstage politics, or if Jr. just didn’t have what the WWE was looking for, but he never really seemed to get the proper push. Unlike the other 2nd and 3rd generation wrestling stars currently in WWE, Ted Dibiase Jr. never got used properly. He was prominent when teamed with Rhodes and Orton, then when he and Rhodes were a tagteam, but after they broke up, Dibiase was pushed to the backburner and never pushed forward again. It’s really a shame. I grew up watching his dad in MidSouth Wrestling, and I hoped Jr. would be at least as good as his dad, if not better.