Ted DiBiase Hasn’t Spoken To Virgil, Natalya Update, New JR Blog

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase said he hasn’t spoken with Virgil in a “long time,” while leaving JFK Airport in New York on Thursday. The last report on Virgil wasn’t a good one as he was spotted panhandling memorabilia in Grand Central Subway Station. TMZ has more at this link.

ESPN has an article online featuring quotes from Natalya on her recent visit to Rwanda with Alicia Fox. Click here to read it.

Jim Ross has a new blog entry online at this link.

  • Charles

    Apologies for my Britishness here…what does panhandling mean?

    • Loren Goldstein

      Asking for money from people on the street

  • Dave L

    God I love the Heart Foundation!

  • Kris Mystery

    I’m not sure “panhandling” would be the proper term here. Doesn’t panhandling mean begging for money? I believe Virgil was actually selling merchandise. Either way..pretty sad.