Ted DiBiase Injured

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Ted DiBiase suffered a left hand injury at the December 26 WWE Smackdown live event in Chicago, Illinois in a match against Fandango. He was replaced on the tour by Jamie Noble, who works backstage as a producer.

  • Brandon

    Again? Isn't this the same injury as last year? He really needs a break.

    • Snap

      Well, technically a break is something he DOESN'T need. I hope he makes a quick recovery and gets an opportunity to showcase his skills.

  • Christ 4 Life

    Ugh, I know with all the injuries and stuff, that he might asking for a release soon… I just hope that doesn't happen…

  • JoMo12

    The guy can’t catch a break if it landed in his lap! I wanna see him out there but damn, another injury?!

  • Grinchy McGrump

    That dude really needs to learn how to wrestle. Dad's name can only get him so far.

  • Tone

    retire Ted.

  • christopher525

    Ok, he's getting to Kennedy level for injuries, might want to be careful, Randy might go complain and get him fired too…

    • jdl

      That will only happen if he's an unsafe worker. If you're going to be a dip, then at least heart your stories right.