Ted DiBiase Injury Update - Out For Several Weeks, Official Diagnosis

WWE has posted an injury update on Ted DiBiase now available over on dot com, stating he is expected to be out of action for "several weeks." Below is an excerpt from their article:

“Ted sustained a Grade 2 tear [on a 3-tier scale] to his deltoid ligament, and he also sustained a calcaneal fracture, or a heel bone fracture,” WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson told WWE.com after the SmackDown Superstar was taken to a nearby medical facility for X-rays.

Click here for coverage by WWE.com.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Ted dibiase is like a delicate, fragile little flower.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I wonder if Vince will do the smart thing and let Ted Dibiase take the time off to heal or is Vince going to going to be in one of his bad moods and refuse to let him take time off…like he did with Mark Henry. you never know Vince's mood from day to day.

  • Swanson

    Of I remember right Henry wa the one who chose not to take time off. He was fighting to stay in the main event and didn’t take time off.

  • Super Stinky Feet

    will this derail the great push he was having?!!!!