Ted DiBiase Injury Update

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Ted DiBiase suffered a wrist injury at Friday night's WWE live event in Winnipeg. The injury caused him to be pulled from action for the rest of the weekend although he appeared at Sunday's WWE live event in Las Cruces, New Mexico to introduce a returning Randy Orton.

DiBiase is at tonight's Smackdown taping from the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. His wrist is isolated in a brace.

We'll have full WWE taping results online later tonight.

  • Ted Dibiasi needs to not injur him self to much or if he does, than his carrear may be in jeopardy!.

    • kjluttrell

      So is the career of your English teacher!

    • Matt Finnie

      You are The Repo Man of Spelling; You fail BADLY!

  • EraOfAwesome98

    Lol “so is the career of your english teacher!” funny

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