Ted DiBiase Puts Over His "Posse Parties"; Has High Hopes For One At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Our friend Josh Stewart has a write-up about Ted DiBiase's "DiBiase Posse Parties" that he hosts outside WWE events. He has high hopes for the one at Wrestlemania.

"It's just starting to catch on; it was just kind of a slow build, and hopefully it continues to catch on. I wonder if I could have the biggest international tailgate party ever at WrestleMania," said DiBiase of WWE's defining show on April 1 in Miami. "I bet we could set some kind of Guinness World Record."

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  • jcud_theSaint

    wow, and to think this guy had a meaningful triple threat match a couple of wrestlemania's ago. I hope things go well for the million dollar kid in his future

  • Vince

    They need to push ted its annoyin seein him like this

  • Thebigbowboskie

    Ya it should be him not Rhodes

    • wanderthewastes

      Lol do you not watch wrestling? Rhodes is clearly the more talented one

  • Mike

    Rather than have the biggest international tailgate party at wrestlemania, I'd rather be having a title match at wrestlemania. Just saying…

  • Paul

    He def has the ability to one day be a main eventer, sometimes it’s shocking how WWE buries talent

  • Lee McAndrew

    I fear for DiBiase in the next round of roster cuts, the man clearly has potential but does not yet have the right gimmick. In my opinion he also works better as a heel.

  • Bruno

    He should face rhodes