Ted DiBiase's Christian Faith & Charity Work, Smackdown Taping In Colorado Springs, WWE's Return To Belgium

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- TMZ has a new story online today on Ted DiBiase. In it, the publication reports that DiBiase was recently at the Batson Children's Hospital in Mississippi filming a documentary about his faith and his charity for sick and unprivileged children. It was there he met a 10-month-old boy with an extremely rare disease and led him in prayer.

- WWE has announced the July 10th Smackdown taping will take place from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

- WWE has announced a November 7th show from the Forest National Arena in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Ian Myers

    I figured it meant Ted Sr.

  • havoc525

    Pretty sure they mean Ted Sr, not Jr.

  • kevin

    It is Ted Sr

    • James M>>>

      Yeah, how could they mean Sr. when they show a picture and have video of Jr.? Just sayin

  • wnwdotcom2

    No, it's not Ted Sr. This story is about Ted DiBiase Jr. We don't call him Junior and if we refer to Sr. we use the preface "Million Dollar Man"

    • Brandon Ceielo

      Maybe you guys should think of adding Jr. Too much confusion goes on without it.

  • Chris

    I'd love to see a DiBiase push but doubt he'll be back till mid June at the earliest with his wife expecting their first kid at the end of may.

  • Maybe he can pray for a push whilst he’s at it?

  • Ian Myers

    Fair enough, very heartening to hear that he is doing as good and selfless work as his dad.

  • Henraj

    It saddens me that even in today's age, people put so much emphasis on pre-historic beliefs.

    • Callum

      That is just harsh if he prays for the child to get better it’s his choice and what he believes in!

    • Wendy

      Wow, it is YOUR belief which is pre-historic. Hate to tell you but the lack of believing in God is NOT the norm. The United States and Canada were built on Christianity; it is Christians who have made your freedoms possible. I laugh when I hear unbelievers pointing their fingers and talking trash because if you took away all the things which Christians have worked to make possible, life would be downright miserable. God is TRUTH and LOVE, His name is Jesus. If you think that TRUTH does not exist, you are sorrowfully mistaken. Good for Ted, for not being ashamed!

  • RandyOrton Fan

    All we can do is HOPE& PRAY for a good Wwe show, in Vorst Nationaal, brussels, Belgium at nov 7th, cause from what i read from Antwerpen, it was just a case of throwing-your-money-away… OMG

  • Love u Ted that is great with helping those children. Can’t wait till u come back to WWE. Ur super hotttt! Love WWE and u. Connie

  • just a fan

    it nice to see another wrestler open about their faith, i know there are probobly more than a few out there but its still nice to see.