Tensai Defends Lingerie Segment, Richard Reacts

Tensai defended his horrible segment on this week's WWE Raw that featured him dancing in lingerie:

The segment was awful and I don't mind speaking up about it. These guys need to learn the dignity of saying "no" when asked to something like this. Matt Bloom is a talented worker, whose Tensai character hasn't worked out. However, agreeing to dress in lingerie on live TV does nothing but hurt the outlook of his career and how he is perceived amongst wrestling fans. There are gimmicks that people can't recover from and regardless of it being "scripted entertainment," I qualify this as such.

The segment on this week's WWE Raw with Brodus Clay wasn't funny, not even to the most immature PG fan. I don't know if it's Vince's own immaturity or the fact the creative team is too burnt out to give the undercard relevant material, there's just no excuse for the monstrosity viewers were forced to consume.

  • yes it was very funny but dumb in a way to

  • Its not often I disagree strongly with you, Richard, but in this case I do. Tensai has been a huge flop and he’s been doing nothing for quite a while. Since the fans aren’t buying him seriously, he might as well go for a more likeable persona that’s not afraid of looking silly. I saw the Hip Hop Hippo in him come back out last night & I enjoyed it because he looked like he was genuinely enjoying dancing. On top of that, if he can do comedy & save his body from a more physical in-ring style, maybe he can add a few years to his career.

    • Josh

      Totally agree. On paper, its a terrible idea but it was really amusing seeing him dance to that music. If they let the audience pick a winner, Brodus woulda gotten booed out of the building. Tensai can be a good comedy character. Just kill the name Tensai already!

    • Lewis Reale

      I agree with Dave here, it was horrible but in a strangely entertaining way, to have the “monster” of Tensai dancing in lingerie was just such the opposite of what you’d expect. Tensai really looked like he started to get into it too and I could honestly see this maybe turning to an almost face push for him as a comedy mid-carder, lets face it, as good as he was in Japan he’s just not getting over in WWE and the crowd wont ever let the Albert gimmick be forgotten, make the most of what you can is my opinion

    • illdecide

      No way, they have to get rid of this stupid %#?! Acts like this and from superstars like Santino Marella have almost turned me off of the show by acting more childish than their target child audience.

  • Kenneth

    The Tensai thing was funny in a Dolan comics sort of way.

    Tanso pls.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Just plain BS

  • Win

    Tensai dancing and pulling on wedgies was just plain goofy, non-sensical, and hard to watch. It was slap-stick comedy that just was awful to watch and would have been better filled with a match against Clay and Tensai. Lingerie on this guy, come-on, let it go. In Japan, he was main eventing matches against Brock Lesnar, now he’s a doormat to bad writing and a non-funny sense of humor.

  • WNW Fan

    Love the segment or hate it I know Matt’s ‘crying’ all the way to the bank

    • Downside/bonus now in my opinion isn’t worth what it does to him once WWE cuts ties with him

      • RJR

        That’s not a good argument. The man’s been in lingerie before… and then he went on to have amazing success in Japan. So, past precedence says that this won’t hurt him at all.

        And while I agree that this was sophomoric humor at its worst… I still think the Khali/Ryder/3MB segment was less tolerable… and the Diva’s “match” was the most embarrassing moment of the night.

        • Matt Bloom had to work very hard to restore his image amongst wrestling fans. Giant Bernard erased a lot of the embarrassing stuff he did in WWE prior. All that work was mocked last night. Completely agree about the other horrid segments on this week’s Raw.

          • Lewis Reale

            Judging by what I just saw on Backstage Fallout they could potentially translate this into a face turn for Tensai tagging with Brodus Clay, would that be such a bad thing for him when this WWE run is stalling so badly?

          • Pluto

            I agree, Clay/Tensai could work as a comedic big man tag team IMO

      • W

        I’ll tell you whats embarrassing…Brodus comming out in that singlet, or Cesaro’s awkward finish. Or maybe the wrestlers getting oiled up to work a match. That segment last night was damn funny! No where near Katy Vick (now that was embarassing). Look at Khali, he can barely walk much less wrestle. Come on man! I think people have different opinions of funny or embarassing but please so not speak for all fans just because you have to find a way to justify your profession!

  • Perhaps I have a different sense of humor but stuff like this embarrasses me as a wrestling fan. I try not to take the product too seriously but it’s hard enough to explain what I do for a living without this going out on the USA Network for everyone to see…

    • Lewis

      I agree with you, it was pure awful, unfunny and awkward.

    • I was completely embarrassed by the Hugging segment with Daniel Bryan, Kane and Dr. Shelby. One of the dumbest segments ever.

    • David Roberts

      Get a grip Richard if he said no he would have been in the doghouse or future endeavoured if you were in tensai’s shoes would you really risk losing your job by saying no to VKM?

  • Dangerous Lee

    Great wrestlers adapt to ANY role that is given to them. Tensai did a great job entertaining the fans.

    • Win

      Tell that to the The Ringmaster(Stone Cold), Vinnie Vegas(Kevin Nash), Deacon Batista(The Animal, Batista), Rocky Maivia(The Rock), Hunter Hurst Hemsley(Triple H)…Great wrestlers know when a drastic change is need and when to say I’m not doing it.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Lol. All of the wrestlers you mentioned we’re already getting pushed to an upper mid-card/main event level before their gimmick change. Tensai is on the verge of getting released. Totally different situation.

        • Win

          Really…The Ringmaster and Vinnie Vegas got pushed before the name changes LOL…What sense does that make?! You change your name after it begins to work for you?!?!?!?! WOW!!! Stupid has no boundaries!

          • Dangerous Lee

            Ringmaster was partnered with the million dollar man and given the million dollar belt to hold. He was getting a push at that time. After his Austin 316 promo, Stone Cold took off. Wasn’t watching what Vinnie Vegas did in wcw, but he left for greener pastures to be Diesel. So really, your argument is flawed. I also find it hilarious that you seem to think workers have total control of their characters. And judging by your response, you’re probably really young.

          • Win

            I’m glad you find humor in your error, especially since both Stone Cold and Kevin Nash are on record saying both gimmicks were horrible and didn’t work. History says they did not work. But who needs facts when you have a story to tell huh kiddo?!

          • Dangerous Lee

            Both gimmicks were horrible. Everyone agrees with that. That’s not the argument here. Workers don’t have total control over their characters, and if you’re in Tensai’s position (lower mid-card), you need to take whatever is given to you and make the best of it. If you say no, guess what will happen? See how I argued my point without calling you names? Try it out.

  • Cody Zeller

    I thought it was hilarious, it’s not like his career was going anywhere so what difference does it make.

  • Wait… you say this wasn’t funny, yet people totally overvalue the stupid Yes-No segments from Kane and Daniel Bryan. What is so entertaining about a ridiculous looking shrimp yelling No at the top of his lungs?

  • Tensai will get over with the crowd. This is the same thing that WWE did to Daniel Bryan and some of you don’t even realize it. They turned Daniel Bryan into a ridiculous character that the fans love to engage with. Remember when Daniel Bryan first appeared and got no reaction at all?

  • Patrick

    your missing the point Richard as a wrestler your not always going to be having 5 star matches and will from time to time do funny things that ammuse people and get laughs as Albert pointed out it’s entertainment….he wasn’t bothered by it………….you point out wrestlers should learn to say No to certain things more often….but you over look if you say NO to often you will not get a push or risk losing a job… weither your dancing like a fool or jobbing to everyone that is your job. no matter your feelings on it…..while this example is for a different area…..TV Legend Milton Berle used to dress as a women for laughs all the time and it didn’t bother him if it did he wouldn’t have done it. his job was to entertain and make people laugh.

  • Ryan

    I thought it was hilarious. A good change from the Tensai we’ve been seeing

  • Calm down Richard. Tensai was someone that nobody would have cared about getting released up until this point. If he can do the comedy stuff and entertain the fans one way or another then it gives him more job security. Of course it’ll end up on something like Are You Serious one day it was amusing and made Tensai more likeable because it shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  • Lance Uppercut

    Everyone is taking about Tensai today so didn’t hurt him to much, lets see what he does next week before judging if the angle is finished

  • Am I the only one who thought it was funny? I l literally LOL’d when he started dancing.

    • Pluto

      I thought it was pretty funny too

  • If I want to keep my job I’m pretty sure I’d be doing as told for the most part.

  • That was the first time the crowed cheered Tensai in what…9 months? I thought it was funny and I’m very picky when it comes to comedy being done.

  • Chris H

    “The segment on this week’s WWE Raw with Brodus Clay wasn’t funny, not even to the most immature PG fan.”

    Nice of you to insult your readers here who might have found it funny. Done and done. Bleacher Report for me from now on. App is undeleted.

    Richard, you’re an educated man. You can express your dislike for a show WITHOUT condescending to, or outright insulting, others. Well…maybe you can’t. But you should.

  • Snap

    I’m not going to blame Tensai for defending the segment on Twitter, whether or not he actually believes what he’s saying. I remember Chavo Guerrero defending the horrible angle where he was continually being jobbed to Hormswoggle with the “it’s entertainment” line. I believe after Chavo left WWE, he wasn’t so eager to defend it.

    Tensai is better of publicly supporting everything he’s involved with, lest it lead to even worse consequences.

  • Richard Blake

    Y’all need to destress the word wrestling and look at it more as entertainment. All of it is scripted and the audience needs to be entertained. I see how they try to add comedy segments rather than make it match after match. The only thing annoying in WWE is how the wrestlers come out and yap for some time without making any sense.

  • Bryan

    I am pretty sure if your boss told you to do something, unless it was immoral or unethical, you would do it. It is either that or lose your job. Last time I checked, Tensai does not have the job security that Punk and Cena does.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Thanx for making me spit out my dinner twice from laughing so hard, Albert Tensai. The look on JBL’s face throughout the match (possibly the whole show, can u blame him) was priceless and said it all about last night.

  • Violet09

    Yes it was more on the side of embarrassing/humiliating than it was entertaining for me, but it was at least refreshing to see some personality out of Tensai. He was on his way out of a job until this IMO.