Tensai's Push Scaled Back, Vince McMahon Buying TNA, Jack Swagger Released?, Ted DiBiase's Return To WWE TV

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I've noticed WWE bringing up Tensai's initial WWE run before he went to Japan. Has WWE given up on trying to pretend the past didn't happen?

WWE has acknowledged Tensai's initial run in the company as Albert (and A-Train) since he was brought back in the revamped gimmick earlier this year. I don't know what made them decide to acknowledge it other than the hope that fans would move past the "shave your back chants." Whatever the reasoning was, Tensai has failed to get over and has seen his push significantly scaled back. It's widely believed the monster push of heel Big Show was originally slated for Tensai. As for this being the new WWE precedent, I don't see that as being the case as the company clearly makes up the rules as they go along and it all depends on the situation.

Could you see Panda Energy selling TNA to Vince McMahon?

From time-to-time we have readers that email in and ask about the possibility of Vince McMahon acquiring TNA Wrestling. I could see Vince being interested in the tape library but do not see him being interested in investing in a company that isn't close to competing with him. Jeff Jarrett is trying to bring on a new investor as we have full details at this link.

Has Jack Swagger been released from WWE?

Jack Swagger was on the road with the Raw crew this weekend and has not been released from his WWE contract. Swagger, who the creative team has no plans for, put over WWE United States Champion Santino Marella.

When is Ted DiBiase going to be returning to WWE television?

Ted DiBiase's return to WWE television is considered imminent as he returned to the ring at live events last month. I haven't heard if he is booked for this week's WWE Raw, however, he is in town and will be signing autographs with Kaitlyn in San Antonio today from Noon until 2 PM at the National Guard Armory.

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  • Joe O.

    The return of the DiBiase Posse Party! He better be back on TV by the time WWE comes to Chicago in September.

  • Logan_Walker

    wow 1) Jack Swagger getting lost in the shuffle once again…. & i was going to email in about ted D but i forgot

  • proud

    Swagger should be ‘helping’ Heath Slater after all the legends and perhaps become a tag team. There something for Jacky boy

  • RobUK

    1) Tensai won’t get over because gimmicks that are forced down our thoarts rarely do. If you are going to get a monster push from the get go you really need something else about you – and Matt Bloom doesn’t have that.

    2) why would Vince but TNA just to bring back old talent he’s already let go once before? The library is all TNA is good for and I wonder if vince would buy them even for that?

    3) Swagger needs to come off tv for a while. There has never been any doubt that he can wrestle – but the rest of the package just isn’t there. Take him off telly, let people forget about him for a while and come back with a new gimmick after some promo and how to connect with an audience training.

    4) always been a fan of Ted Jnr – sadly I feel he won’t be used to his full potential and will fall by the way side or remain lower/mid card.

    • The arbiter

      There is some pretty good talent in TNA that isn't WWE cast offs. Austin Aries and AJ Styles are A level performers in my opinion.

      • RobUK

        I agree they are both good wrestlers, But Is it worth buying TNA just for the odd good wrestler who (because we know how good WWE creative are) will be nothing more than mid carders in WWE?

      • Prprince

        Aj styles wrestled for wwe before.
        Nothing big though

  • Lenny

    I hope Jarret is able to bring in a new investor and kick Team Hogan (Hogans, Bishoffs, Dixie) out on their asses! The entire financial problems that they have been dealing with is due to Dixie giving Hogan, Flair and Bishoff alot of money for doing jack shit! I will admit this, since they went live, the show has been much more entertaining however that won’t sobe nothing if the company goes belly up!

  • Kevin

    When did AJ Styles wrestle in WWE? I've been watching them since the days when Vinny Mac was an announcer (with Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and Jesse "The Body" Ventura), and don't recall ever seeing him anywhere other than TNA. Also, the WWE did a good job with Glen Jacobs, turning him from Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS, into Kane quite smoothly. I don't recall any fan chants about his former character when he came in as Kane. I wonder what went wrong with Albert/Tensai?