Tensai's WWE Return, Cena/Time Off, Why Miz Is Hosting SummerSlam, Morrison Update

How difficult is to for Tensai to leave WWE, work overseas and become dominant somewhere else, only to come back with a huge push and end up as comic relief?

Matt Bloom, a/k/a Tensai, is a good worker. We've gotten to see shades of it since his return to WWE in 2012 but work is only one aspect of what it takes to be successful in WWE. The Lord Tensai push as a "monster" just didn't work. The fans didn't buy it, they still viewed Bloom as Albert, and it flopped. I can't explain why the crowd didn't react but WWE gave it a fair chance before pulling the plug. Now, Tensai is still able to get on television but in a different role. While he would rather be a top guy, he's still getting on television and working for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Do you think John Cena should get an extended break like CM Punk got?

There has been concern about John Cena burning himself out both physically and mentally but John is a workaholic. He's a guy that wants to be out there performing in the ring. This aspect, which is often highlighted in his promos, is just part of who he is. WWE does feel they need him as he remains the face of the company and their top draw.

What is the point of The Miz hosting SummerSlam?

The point of making The Miz "the host of SummerSlam" is to give him attention without putting him on the card. Even if he ends up with a match, which I don't expect, this is a way to differentiate him as a "bigger deal."

Have you heard any updates on a possible John Morrison return to WWE?

I haven't heard anything recently about John Morrison returning to WWE. The last I heard when there was mutual interest earlier this year, Morrison didn't want a long-term commitment and Vince McMahon wanted a minimum of two years. I have not heard an update since then.

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  • big m

    I am actually a fan of Japanese pro wrestling and Matt Blooms work in NOAH and NEW JAPAN was astounding for a guy his size.
    But looking back he was working with guys like KENTA and Satoshi Kojima who can make anybody look astounding you don’t believe me look up GIANT BERNARD and Karl Anderson vs Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan on youtube.
    In WWE he was given guys like Cena who can barely make himself look good if he had a match with Bryan who has experience in Japan it would have been awesome.
    But sadly most U.S. fans don’t follow Japan and all they saw was Prince Albert.

    • Robert Olley

      Sadly your right ive watched a little mainly on dvd collections like jerichos and they are a different breed in japan

      • big m

        You wanna see some more stuff go to youtube and search for Puroesumatches2 don’t know who the guy is but he has hundreds of matches and whole events strait from the orient good stuff.

    • BlazeKing

      You know what? Cena’s name being brought up over & over again is geting pretty lame itself. It’s like people want to scapegoat him for all of WWE’s problems… You should be blaming WWE corporate.

      • BIG M

        We do Blame WWE.
        But lets be honest Cena can’t wrestle never could.
        Im not an a card carrying member of the IWC but I do think he sucks.

        • Matt

          Cena sucks and you swallow. And no I’m not a card carrying member of the IWC either. Oh and BTW, your a bigger asshole then Nostaljack ever was.

          • BIG M

            Try decafe.

        • alontrae walker

          Daniel bryan said he could wrestle in an interview about summerslam and cm punk did too. they said that he doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. Daniel bryan said for a guy who can’t wrestle he sure as hell can. You know damn well you apart of the IWC.

          • BIG M

            So let me see if I get this straight by your logic anybody who prefers to watch a match with Punk or Bryan as supposed to watching a Cena match is automatically a member of the IWC and anybody who disagrees is also an IWC member huh.
            Look I don’t have anything against Cena ok he works his Ass off and always makes time for fans “especially young ones”
            that bit about the make a wish kid on his raw promo was cool and yes he is where he is today for a reason.
            Is he the best wrestler HEL NO but neither was Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin.
            But heres the thing after a while people got sick of Hogan always winning always being the champion.
            And as big as Austin was in the 90’s round 2002 2003 people also got a little tired of him and with all his injures and his beef with a few people in management he made the right choice to retire.
            Now for the last time I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE IWC.
            I am a life long pro wrestling fan who just wants something new ok.
            Whether it be Bryan,Punk,Miz,Barrett or Cody Rhodes I and many other life long fans want the new blood to take over WWE sooner rather than later thats all ok.

      • Xavier

        Exactly. Cena is the main reason why the WWE is still a float and the main reason why they’ve been able to bring in so many sponsers. But let the haters hate though, what they fail to realize is that Cena thrives on their tears.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Sometimes a lot of these guys will have to “sell their soul” in order to get on television and to receive some mainstream attention. Let me give some examples, around 2004 Lance Storm was getting ridiculed for not having a personality and being boring so they changed his music to some rap type deal and made him dance to the ring, something totally uncharacteristic of his persona. Another example, Santino Marella, go look for his work in OVW as the Russian Boris Alexiev, the dude was like a wrestling machine, this gimmick would have been awesome in wwe but because of his size, wwe probably thought he wouldn’t get over so they turned him into a joke which he agreed because again he wants to be on TV and while on the subject, Vladmir Kozlov, didn’t get over with fans as a monster so he sold his soul and joined Santino as a comic tag team. So the point is at the end of the day these guys will do anything to get a pay day and to be on TV so I don’t feel one bit sorry for them because they were a huge deal in Japan or because they are actually better than they let on or because they portray a character that is not them. WWE is a circus and these guys are all acts which are brought in to entertain the masses, if you can’t entertain in any shape of form you’re gone!

  • Nostaljack

    Can we please stop asking Richard questions about Morrison? When did he become such a big deal? He’s not the least bit unique and he was quite average on the mic. Who wants him back? He was in WWE for a while and now, like so many others, he’s gone. Let it go already.

    • outkazt09

      Agreed. Guy has no personality. He let Batista take his woman (anybody can) and didn’t do anything about it. Vinny took notice and since then he looks down on Morison as a Nancy boy.

      • Nostaljack

        Nancy boy…LOL!

    • big m

      Not unique Morrison does things I’ve never seen anybody else do in wrestling history like starship pain for example.
      P.S. can you go on this site and not bitch about something or someone for once it seems like your always in a shit mood.

      • Nostaljack

        Thanks for your psychiatric evaluation. I’ll take it under advisement. I’ve seen Starship Pain performed by others. It’s a far older move than you realize. Glad you like Morrison. I don’t. I’m entitled to my opinion.

        • BIG M

          As I’m entitled to mine and heres another psych eval for you.
          Your a megalomaniac who derives self esteem from insulting others and by compulsively trying to prove your so called “Intellect” you show a great lack in empathy.
          Now does that make you mentally ill no it does however make you an ass hole.
          See i can make dumb long winded jokes too.

      • Phil D. Garrie

        I’m a fan of Morrison and have always found him entertaining in the ring but starship pain, while a great move seems very similar to the move RVD pulls off just with a bit of a corkscrew twist thrown in.

        • BIG M

          Yeah it is but all great finishers in wrestling was an old move with something else thrown in.
          The stunner was a Cutter with a twist a bit of stone cold flavour.
          The peoples elbow is an elbow drop with a lot of the Rocks flavour in it.
          Sweet chin music was a simple thrust kick but it was so much more.
          And starship pain was a split legged moonsault with a twist literarily.

  • Eric Snyder

    It seems to me like they are treating Miz like he’s the next Rowdy Roddy Piper. Guy has his own “talk show” that is on their programs all the time. He’s the “host” of Summerslam now. Wonder what the odds are of a Miz TV segment during Summerslam.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      The Miz is gonna have longevity in the wrestling business because he hardly ever wrestles.