Lilian Garcia Makes Several Errors At WWE Over The Limit

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There was some chatter coming out of last night's WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view about the number of errors Lilian Garcia made during the show.

Lilian announced Sheamus as only weighing 225 pounds (he's billed at 267) and announced Hunico as a participant when Camacho was scheduled to face Ryback.  Apparently there were others but those are the ones I'm aware of.

I don't know what was said to Lilian backstage (if anything) but there was some talk that management was unhappy with the errors.  There were rumors of an argument with Justin Roberts but he has since denied them.

  • Matt

    Lilian is allowed to make a few mistakes because she's amazing, beautiful, has a good voice and is amazing

    • Dr Mike Lano

      That's not a good rational at all. Why is she amazing which you repeated twice? Certainly we need female announcers, female refs in a "still good ole boy's world," but mistakes should be kept to a minimum. I can't even recall, and I've covered the biz globally as a newstand magazine columnist/photographer published in all worldwide mags, books, etc; when Finkel or Jimmy Lennon Sr or even Jr ever made x amount of mistakes over a similar short period of time(besides a terrestrial radio host on wrestling and MMA). Not faulting Lillian, but your post was weak.

      • kbunyon

        What does happen when they get knocked over? They get back up like men do.

        Earl Hebner is 63 years old and he still takes ref bumps. Should he stop because he's getting older?

        I don't see any reason why women shouldn't be refs. Jacqueline did some ref work back in the day in the WWE and handled herself pretty well.


        • Guy Landau

          Ken – I think the reason there aren't any female referees nowadays is mostly because of the potential media backlash caused by seeing women get knocked over by men. Women can handle it, for sure – but the media doesn't, and image is everything in WWE.

    • Logan_Walker

      True Dat, True Dat

      They shouldn't be taking the mick over a few mistakes

  • KingJamsie

    i kneeeeeeeeew sheamus couldn't have been 220 pounds…

  • Richard

    Did you see her face during the cena match? It was obvious she was annoyed.

  • Aldin94

    Justin Roberts needs to show some respect towards Lilian

  • Dangerous Lee

    Lilian pulled a “sin cara” last night…

  • Darren Nolan

    Lilian Garcia and Justin Roberts…steel cage match at No way Out !

  • Hunter

    Garcia vs Roberts at Wrestlemania next year?

  • robert

    ya the mistakes she made didn't really matter as long as whoever did the daniel bryan v cm punk match got there names right, the rest eh who cares

  • Come'on Man!

    Unless you paid for a ticket at the gate, its up for those fans to decide. Its a professional show, not a developmental. Get it together Lillian.

  • LeBron James

    Justin Roberts needs to show some respect to a veteran ring announcer, shes allowed to make mistakes. What an idiot.

  • bruno

    I was so confused. I thought sheamus had lost 50 pounds in 2 days

  • paulw3000

    I’ve always liked Lilian, she’s always been one of my favourite announcers, however she does seem to be making alot of mistakes lately…

  • smithmiester

    Would not put it past wwe to book Lillian Garcia v Justin Roberts in a ladder match for the world title at wrestlemania.

  • Karl

    I hate justin roberts period. he over does the wrestlers name for no reason. For example, John Cena’s, and puts stupid nicknames for them as well like Sheamus and Randy Orton. Damn I hate that hispanic looking wannabe.

  • @KyleGordon

    Only mistake I noticed was the Hunico thing, Justin Roberts announced the Intercontinental championship match, which in all fairness Lilian should have announced since she is SmackDown's announcer.

  • Chuck

    If you want to make mistakes a big deal tha wee should be fired as a whole. Cena said he was leaving on air and didn’t. King announced a handicap match on raw before it was known. Michael cole was going like a fool last night about why big show did what he did. Give me a break. She messed up who cares.

  • DelawareBeachBoy

    remember Micheal Buffer's mistake in wcw… Bret "the hitman" Clark

  • Jeremy

    I think several mistakes is exaggerating a bit seeing how you can only "remember" two happening. Seriously is that what your passing for ground breaking news. I bet every person watching the ppv and their at the event would not have guessed that it would have been Camacho instead of Hunico wrestling seeing as how Camacho hasn't wrestled a single match since debuting to my knowledge. So big deal.

  • Miles

    I have more important things in my own life to worry about. Who gives a s***, she messed up, who hasn’t, too many self righteous wannabes posting.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Some times they make mistakes like that on purpose so when they have wwe (bloopers) awards later in the year they can refer back to these mistakes, either that or she really did mess up, I think it was on purpose, time might tell later this year when they do the Slammys. She also had an incident were she tripped on her shoes while she was coming out the entrance for a show, I think it was smackdown. That’s my opinion on it I could be completely wrong.

  • Philip Thompson

    How is this news? Lilian ALWAYS makes mistakes and I don't think it's acceptable. It shows that she has no interest in the product and it shows that despite being paid a lot of money for a tiny bit of work she can't be bothered learning what she has to announce. What is it with all the Justin Roberts haters on here? He is, by far, the best ring announcer WWE have – he's got a brilliant voice, learns things properly and is interested in the product. He should be to WWE what Bruce Buffer is to UFC. They need to build him up more – perhaps they need to get him to do some gigs outside WWE, even for free, at high-profile boxing or MMA matches to build his profile.

  • dave

    She needs to stop horsing around!

  • _JIM_

    I was happy when Lillian came back a few months ago, but it seems to me like she’s just been “mailing it in” since she’s returned. I’ve noticed quite a few other mistakes that she’s made on Raw since her return also.

  • Kevin

    Don't you guys get it? Justin is picking on Lillian because he LIKES HER! He wants to go with her but doesn't know how to ask her. It's like high school all over again.

  • Captain Booger

    I would never nit-pick about the job Lillian does. Anyway, the 'errors' were probably planned as part of a possible future storyline and they want to see if it gets any traction as a viable play.