Tension Between Vince McMahon/Triple H, WWE Title Defended Too Often?, Incomplete Del Rio Story, WWE Network In Canada

With continued growing tension between Vince McMahon and Triple H, how do you see it ending? Do you think the brass is worried about the rift?

When I first heard things between Vince McMahon and Triple H had begun to get noticeably more contentious, I thought it would only be a matter of time before cooler heads prevailed and they got back on the same page. However, the issues seem to have only gotten worse, reaching their boiling point at WWE's live event in New York City on July 12, 2014. It was there that Vince and Hunter got into an argument loud enough for others to hear, including producers that were working the show. One issue they had going into that show was Triple H and Stephanie were legitimately on vacation but Vince put his foot down that Triple H had to be in attendance, causing them to end their vacation early. Now, the accusations are that Vince has deliberately made cuts to WWE NXT -- considered to be Triple H's baby -- just in spite of him. As we reported here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Hunter has been vehemently opposed to budget cuts in regards to NXT but the budget has been cut to the point where there isn't much left to cut. I'm not sure how others feel about the rift but it's never a good thing when the two men at the top of the company are at odds.

Assuming that Brock Lesnar will go over John Cena at SummerSlam and that Vince wants Brock vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania, does that mean Brock will lose the title before Wrestlemania or will we have two part timers in a row holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

I have given pause to anyone assuming it's a given that Brock Lesnar goes over John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. Yes, I believe that's how the match should be booked and how it will probably be booked but we need to wait until after SummerSlam before we look forward. If Brock wins the title at SummerSlam, we can analyze how to book a Brock Lesnar title reign then. Paul Heyman had some interesting comments for those criticizing a possible Lesnar title reign at this link. In that interview, he said the WWE title is defended too often.

Please clear this up for me. From what I've read, WWE's social media employee Cody Barbierri got slapped for a racial joke toward Alberto Del Rio - to which I say - good. Are disciplinary actions being taken place against this employee?

What you've stated is the gist of our report here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com published on Saturday. As the story goes, someone told Cody Barbierri, WWE's social media manager, to wipe his plate clean after a meal at catering. Allegedly, he told someone that was Alberto Del Rio's job. Del Rio found out about it, confronted Cody, in which Cody allegedly smiled. This is when Del Rio reportedly slapped him. The problem is, the story doesn't make complete sense. If this is exactly how this happened, WWE would not only be harboring a racist employee, they'd be encouraging it by letting Del Rio go and disparaging him on their website and in social media. Triple H even re-Tweeted the bizarre Tweets regarding Del Rio from the verified WWE Twitter account made last Friday. However, Konnan claims to have spoken to Del Rio and is loudly calling out WWE for racism in this situation. He even went as far to threaten Cody Barbierri on Twitter. It's my belief there is more to the story - but if this story is true, both should have been fired, not just Del Rio.

What kept WWE from launching the WWE Network in the United States in the same manner as they did in Canada? It sounds like in Canada it was just a matter of partnering with a cable provider, and it sounds like it will be available on other cable networks?

The WWE Network will be available in Canada as a traditional Pay-TV channel on Rogers Channel 512 beginning on Tuesday. It will be exclusive to Rogers and is part of a 10-year agreement between Rogers and WWE. This wasn't the plan and while Vince McMahon initially said they were releasing the WWE Network as a traditional model because they were Canadian and see things a bit differently, he later admitted Rogers made them a deal they couldn't refuse. This is of no surprise as WWE executives have repeatedly said they won't shy away from any deal if the money is right. As for why the WWE Network isn't like this anywhere else, it's because they do not have an agreement like this anywhere else. A lot of people didn't understand why the WWE Network was available in the US first and I continued to repeat it had to do with TV clearance. The 10-year deal with Rogers is what held the release of the WWE Network up north but plans to roll it out internationally were expedited due to mediocre performance in the United States.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: What are the plans for Paul Heyman other than just carrying Punk’s title belt? - Paul Heyman, like any manager, is limited because he doesn’t wrestle but he has had an instant impact in WWE. Originally brought back as a mouthpiece for Brock Lesnar (at the desire of his real-life friend CM Punk), he was paired with the WWE Champion because Punk suggested it. WWE is already developing “Paul Heyman guy” merchandise and his influence is spreading throughout the locker room. It’s funny because when Lesnar was brought back earlier this year a constant was that the deal would not include Heyman under any circumstances. Now, due to Punk’s tremendous backstage influence, Heyman is once again a staple on WWE television (and to a lesser extent, a player in the locker room).

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  • Politically incorrect

    Last time i checked, mexican,latino,spanish etc ARE NOT RACES. So how are the alleged comments racist?

    • DanfromOz

      Of course Latin American people are a race? Explain how they are not, please.

      • Politically incorrect

        Latin American is a general term. People from Mexico are Mexicans-thats a Nationality not a race. People from Honduras are Honduran. Again a nationality not a race. If the term “Latin American” is a race, then i guess so is American and Canadian and European

  • BIG M

    I thought long and hard about what to say (if I should even say anything) about this whole ADR situation and now I think Im ready to give my 2 cents but I feel a need to put a bit of a disclaimer here in the sense of I might touch on some subjects that some may consider “touchy” just know I don’t mean any offence ok.

    First point I don’t think the Pro Wrestling industry is as racist as Konan is claiming it is at least not as much as it used to be years ago during the territory days.
    And further more there has been and to a certain degree still is racisim and sexism in any and all entertainment industries from Movies to Music so I don’t think Pro Wrestling should be put under the microscope.

    Second point like it or not ADR acted unprofessionally even if this story about this Cody Barbierri guy is true ADR shouldn’t have struck him (even though he probably deserved worse) ADR could have made a complaint to the higher ups and given the microscope that certain media publications put on WWE over racism a few weeks ago (admittedly some of it justified) something tells me that they probably would’ve fired this guy on the spot if anything else to avoid a bad headline but instead ADR hit him now he’s out of the job and this guy has “allegedly” gotten away with making a racist comment in the workplace (a dismissible offence in most workplaces I can think of) so honestly I don’t think ADR can say “they fired me because they are racist”.

    Third and final point its hard for me to feel sorry for ADR since he’s had more pushes than anyone else in recent memory.
    And yet most fans (including Latino ones) usually react to his matches and story lines with at best complacency and at worst sheer boredom.
    And thats not a knock on him personally he was always a great talent in the ring and on the mic but for some reason people got bored with him quick and with the the title unification he has spent the majority of the of his last year in WWE floundering in the mid card.
    And with WWE cutting costs and releasing a lot of people it was probably only a matter of time before he was released anyway sorry but its true.

  • K!NG

    Look at how WWE handled the Michael Hayes situation is all i am going to say.

  • David F

    I just dont see how the Rock’s reps would allow him to face Brock. Especially since Rock got hurt against Cena after WM 29 and it affected his movie being delayed. There is just too much risk for the Rock to face a reckless Brock Lesnar. Rock will def wrestle one more time but i would bet against it for WM 31

    • packerpf

      Right, if we created a list of lesnar’s victims it’d be substantial rock shouldn’t risk it just for that slob.

  • jman72485

    I still stand by what I said before. Del Rio shouldn’t have been fired. The jerk making the comment should’ve. Alberto should’ve just been punished or fined. I mean what does this say about the WWE? Don’t they have the same standards as other jobs where you can’t discriminate against race religion or disbability? Being a Mexican American, WWE did wrong in my opinion. Fire the Mexican that stood up for himself and His people and keep the racist dude… Nice. Way to go WWE.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m with you, dude. If you want to say racist stuff behind someone’s back, you should be prepared to suffer the consequences. Especially since he had a chance to apologise and couldn’t even do that.

      This also says a lot about HHH to me. His retweeting the tweets about this all being Del Rio’s fault tells me what he thinks of this situation

      • jman72485

        yeah man. it sucks for Del Rio. And the weird thing is, aren’t they trying to set up the WWE network in Mexico? This is not going to look good on the WWE’s part with that.

  • Ken

    I’m conflicted here. On the one hand, Alberto Del Rio should’ve conducted himself better than he did. On the hand, he had every right to defend his culture and his people from that racist sack of trash. He should’ve at least told this punk off and made him swear never to open his big mouth again, while the other guy should’ve kept it shut from the start.
    I said before that I’m not sorry to see Del Rio go as he really had very little to me even during his brief face turn, but it seems like total crap that he was let go and this a-hole didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Del Rio could’ve and should’ve handled the situation better as a professional. Personally, if I were in his boots, I’d beat the living hell out of this guy and make him swear on his mother’s grave to never open his mouth ever again.

  • Venom

    I can see Vince’s point of view. There are no vacations in WWE. He wants to see those taking over his place put the company first even if they have 3 kids.