Thanksgiving Impact Marks Viewership Low For TNA

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Last week's Thanksgiving episode of Impact Wrestling did less than 921,000 viewers with a 0.70 cable rating. The number was atrocious and not just because it was a holiday either. The number was the lowest audience they've attracted since the Monday night experiment in 2010 and the lowest Thanksgiving on record.

By comparison, the show drew 1,187,000 viewers on Thanksgiving 2012 and 1,405,000 viewers on Thanksgiving 2011.

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  • Nostaljack

    Yikes! They, at one point, had the best roster work-wise and could have used it to their advantage as the thing that made them different – thus creating their own identity and niche. Now, with WWE’s addition of Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Goldust, and others, the chance to do that is completely blown. WWE now has that base covered along with everything else. If TNA was on any other network, they’d have been cancelled. Here’s hoping they can find their “thing” before they’re a memory.

  • Luc

    Of course it was a low rating. I mean, The majority of their viewership audience still watched, which counts for something. But I mean, come really? You’re going to call that atrocious? They had to have been expecting a low rating.