The Bella Twins "Look Forward To Going Back" To WWE

Shares 0 has a new Q&A online with The Bella Twins. In it, Brie tells the publication they "look forward to going back" to WWE. Below is an excerpt:

After five years of making heads spin, you two hung up your metal folding chairs this spring. What have you been up to since parting ways with the WWE?

Brie:We’ve been keeping busy! In August you can see us on Ridiculousness on MTV, and in September we’ll be sharing some thoughts about Tim Tebow on the NFL Network. But honestly, the WWE is a huge family, and we look forward to going back.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Wwe4L76

    Comming back?!?! NOOOOO!!!!

  • jdl

    If that happens… how are they going to tackle the sudden increase of one of the Bella's cup size due to the addition of silicone. I assume they'll just make her Lawler's favorite Bella. 😛

    • Patrick Peralta

      they may as the other Bella to increase her cup size.

    • eric


  • Patrick Peralta

    if they go back and try Twin Magic and the Ref is still clueless and can't tell the difference then they are Blind as a bat and should retire from being a Ref.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Bored much, girls? TNA never called? Movie career up in smoke? Welcome back, Bellas (sic)

  • Bill Clinton

    Come to daddy! 😉

  • Matt

    ooohhh NOOOO!!!

  • Captain Booger

    And I was so glad to see them FINALLY LEAVE. I'll never see what they can possibly add to any show, aside from mediocrity.

    • Jinzo

      You've obviously never seen their matches on Superstars or NXT. How has the division got any better since they left? If anything it only got worse. At least Vince McMahon actually cared about the divas when The Bellas were around. He even pushed for creative to feature them more. Ever since they left Vince stopped caring and now the only diva you see on TV anymore is AJ.

  • tom cox

    I'm looking forward for the Bella twins returns when they turn from a heel to a face!

  • tom cox

    I hope the Bella twins turn to a face and use twin magic!

  • selina

    Bella twins at wrestlemania vs who tho??aj and a person she wonts