The Bella Twins On Getting Cut From Wrestlemania, Happy For Their Boyfriends

The verified Twitter account of The Bella Twins featured a photo of them "group hugging" with Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes prior to their match at Wrestlemania. You can view it below:

After the match was cut due to time constraints, the following was Tweeted:

Both Brie (who is dating Daniel Bryan) and Nikki (who is dating John Cena) were happy for their boyfriends and their success at the show:

  • Nostaljack

    Sad and disappointed, not whining and complaining. See that, Ryder? (I’ll stop with the Ryder stuff now).

    • Matt

      I agree bud. Ryder is bloody pathetic at times.

  • Applejack

    Dang. That picture combined with Clay’s tweets make me feel even more bummed about them getting screwed out of their match. I don’t even see the logic behind having Diddy on the show or showing the hype packages again. I highly doubt anyone is going to pay to attend Wrestlemania or pay 60 bucks to order it just to see Diddy. And the hype packages are supposed to make people want to see Wrestlemania. Well, they’re obviously already watching, so why show them again? They want to see Wrestling, and those guys deserved their match.

    • lll

      WWE had no business screwing them out of a match. I actually wanted to see it happen. They earned their Wrestlemania moment like everyone else. Maybe if Diddy or those video hype packages got cut they would of made room. Crying shame.