The Boogeyman Back To WWE?, CM Punk's Love Life, Hornswoggle The Anonymous Raw General Manager, DDP's Return

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Could you ever see The Boogeyman returning to a WWE ring?

With The Boogeyman announcing his return to pro wrestling, many readers have emailed in with this question. I'm sure Marty Wright would welcome the opportunity to return to WWE but I don't see there being a lot of immediate interest due to his age. Wright will turn 48-years-old next week.

Are CM Punk and Beth Phoenix still together?

I can't believe I chose a question about CM Punk's love life but he's being hanging out with Lita again. Given the public nature of their relationship the first time around, if I had to guess, that is his current love interest. I've said too much already.

What are your thoughts on Hornswoggle being the General Manager of Raw this whole time?

To quote one of my favorite bloggers (who was writing on an entire different topic, on a completely different subject, here for those interested), the move was "unimaginative, lazy, cheap, and likely for the wrong reasons." I was appalled at the decision to reveal Hornswoggle as the Anonymous Raw General Manager and it is moves like this that give me a complete lack of confidence not only in the WWE creative team but in Vince McMahon in general. Obviously they tried to get some comedy out of a past angle but the Anonymous Raw General Manager gimmick was far too big to be lightly brushed off with Hornswoggle. The entire gimmick was horrifying from square one, completely defying logic at every turn, only for them to put the ultimate "crap stamp" on it on Raw Supershow. Rest assure, WWE will not have a lack of content for their "Are They Serious?" Web show any time soon.

Is it possible that Doink worked against Heath Slater because DDP cannot risk wrestling a match due to his injury that ended his career?

Diamond Dallas Page said that John Laurinaitis called him, told him about Heath Slater's match with Doink and asked if he would be interested in coming back to hit the Diamond Cutter. He was never asked to wrestle and Vince McMahon wanted to use it as a message to Randy Orton. Learn more about that at this link.

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  • Zach

    I am sorry, I’m on my phone, I don’t know why it posted that so much.

  • Logan_Walker

    It Turing Out That Hornswaggle was the Annon GM This Hole Time Was a Complete JOKE.

    They could of it had it been a WWE Legend ? "I Know That they Pinned it on him last night"

    and to be honest There was Never "Was A Email Being Sent Throught…" It was just a peice of paper on the keyboard part of the laptop.

    Really If They Wanted to They Should of Been Sending Emails and it not to have it pre written down

    Vince Might think that the Fan are Stupid because we can remember Storylines But Remeber Last Weeks RAW when some one put there hands on Cole ?

    AnyOne Remeber No Physical Assaults on Announcers ? After Lesner "Attacked" Josh Matthews.

  • Van

    1.I don't see Boogeyman coming back since I heard he ws released due to his character scaring the kids.
    2.CM Pimp & Beth Phoenix broke up and he said she was becoming a d-bag.
    3.Hornswoggle being the Anonymous GM was rediculous and I knew it was gonna be him,Santina or some other comedy character instead of somebody like John Laryngitis,Paul Heyman,Kevin Nash,Shane McMahon or somebody shocking

  • Carvalho16

    Personally I am glad it was Hornswoggle. It basically is the WWE admitting that the anonymous GM angle was a massive failure, otherwise why would else would they pin something which they probably originally thought was a 'big' angle on basically a joke character? There was little need to bring it back as letting it die without explanation would have been better, but this way definitely wasn't the worst possible outcome believe me. Think about it. If it was a big name wrestler behind it this horrible angle would be dragged on probably for months to come and does anybody really want that? I certainly don't.

    • urnemystic

      amen to that

  • I’m not one that likes to complain about the quality of pro wrestling nowadays but I have to say, last nights Raw was THE worst show I can remember watching. I can’t believe I sat through that crap. The hornswoggle segment made TNA look like the major league.

    • H.M.

      Aside from Hornswoggles' shenanigans it wasn't THAT bad. It was actually quite interesting.

      • urnemystic

        Another official win for cole over jerry lawler made this show completely unwatchable. Cole should stick to what hes not very good at, calling the action or lack thereof. After that hornswaggle being the anonymous gm was just the icing on the crap cake.

  • The Breaker

    Of all the things WWE wants us to forget, you would think the Anonymous RAW GM angle would be one of them….

  • James

    Raw sucked last night. Im almost to the point where I dont wanna watch it no more. You had hornswoggle as the Anonymous gm (childish and stupid), Santino dressed as sherlock holmes the whole show (childish and really stupid), Jerry Lawler and Michael Coles's 20 second match (complete waste of time and boring) and the CM Punk -Bryan- AJ marriage storyline (very unbelievable) WWE must be aiming toward the children and mentally handicapped crowd only

  • Doug

    Makes as much sense as Horny being VKM's illegimate son in another ill-conceived angle.

  • Flame.L-DW.Leader

    im shocked that hornswoggle was the anonymous gm for raw they could of put a hall of famer or a legend or something but hornswoggle are u kidding me then he hits lawler that made me think he was turning heel since everyone has hornswoggle's back but he hits the the king but that just made me feel aqward since he was the gm i still think it was someone else

  • olskewlfan

    When I read that Bob Backlund was at Raw then saw they were gonna reveal the Anonymous GM…I thought Backlund was gonna be the A.G.M. ….and it would have and could have worked and made all kind of sense…..oh yeaah its wwe creative we are talking about.

    also id rather see the boogyman than heath slater….how hes still around i dont get it.

  • Tripp

    I know it seems a little tmz Richard, but I personally want to know more about the wrestlers personal lives, besides what they post on twitter.

    • Richard Gray

      I purposely try and keep it clean because a lot of stuff makes me cringe. I don't care about who is sleeping with who, I certainly wouldn't want anyone in my personal life and I'm sure everyone that reads WNW feels the same way.

      • RK Brock


      • Nameless1

        Agreed as well

      • urnemystic

        agree 100% report the news and leave the sleaze to the gossip sites.

      • Chris

        You don’t care…yet you still discuss who Punk is with? Sure you don’t care about who sleeps with whom, but you do care about getting those page hits by talking about it!

  • Monty

    I’m sure someone could trudge through the footage of Raw during the Annonmous GM period and find Hornswoggle in the ring when an email was send. But , really who cares , right?

    • Bob

      I was going to say the same thing but like you said…who gives a s..t anyway!

  • HRoll

    U mad bro?

  • Alex

    The whole thing about Hornswoggle being the anonymous raw GM was definately stupid. After WWE invested all their time in trying to put over the Anonymoues Raw GM gimmick, and make it crap out like that, was just so lame. Like Richard said, it would have been cool if they came up with someone like Paul Heyman, or even Shane.. On the other hand though, some part of that segment on RAW this past Monday makes you realize what the WWE is becoming. They are competing in the Entertainment industry, and honestly on my end, (which is my opinion), WWE is doing a good job in throwing some comedies like that in their shows.. But yeah, I agree with what your all thinking right now. WWE needs to make better story lines, and follow up on their story lines in a better way… Still love watching WWE though.

  • BigMike

    The Boogeyman was 40 when he got his start in WWE he wrestled not very often was decent look with mic skills and a persona that was WAY over as the crowd usually gave him a response but he was a definate enhancement talent and was at least entertaining Hornswoggle as the GM is pathetic … DDP being used to send a message to Orton? I dont really get it as I heard long ago that Randy actually asked DDP for permission of sorts to pattern his move more like a Cutter than a stunner or an ace crusher or a tower of london

  • scott seefong

    so the wwe used ddp (who looked good, but i may be wrong), to send a message to orton because the diamond cutter looks like the rko?

  • bob

    The biggest joke of the whole GM bit was that later in the episode, it was clear that the laptop was on a screensaver and they were reading off a piece of paper. Showing it once was bad enough, but they cut back to it multiple times. Bad directing right there.

  • Rachael

    Just to post a quick comment on punks personal life I was lead to beleave he was with Lita (Amy) and it was Edge who was with Beth, in fact i think i was a brief mentoin on this site that the 2 of them were at a sports event last month……….that can be confirmed if it needs to be, and Edge did thank a "beth" at the hall of fame.

  • Chris

    Bring back the Boogeyman!!!