The Boogeyman Now Accepting Independent Bookings

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- The Boogeyman Marty Wright sent word he's now accepting independent bookings. Below is the information sent to us:

Former WWE superstar, The Boogeyman (Marty Wright), is now available for independent wrestling appearances and media requests. Last seen on WWE television in 2009, Wright has been fairly quiet since leaving the company, but he's now ready to jump back into the action headfirst on the indy scene. Wright has been honing his craft and believes he's bigger, badder, and better than ever with plenty left to prove and accomplish in the wrestling business. Still going by "The Boogeyman", promoters are guaranteed the full spectacle of Wright's character that got him over in WWE, all the way from the theatrical entrance to the excessive use and eating of worms! If you're interested in booking The Boogeyman for your next event, email [email protected] Wright will also be accepting a rare, select number of media requests as well.

I can honestly say, I popped big time when I saw I had received an email from "The Boogeyman."  Funny stuff.

  • Doug

    One of my favorite all-time Smackdown moments, BAR NONE, was when the Boogeyman ate Jillian's mole. It was a travesty that it was not included in the OMG top 50 moments in WWE history DVD. Not only was it grotesquely hilarious, the look on JBL's face was priceless!!

  • He’s just now accepting bookings? What, did he have a 4 year no complete clause?

    • Ken

      He was out in Parts Unknown or The Bottomless Pit or The Ninth Pit of Hell or somesuch when he got the news that he'd been Future Endeavoured. It's probably taken him the last three years to claw himself back to the Mortal Realm, and he'd have needed a rest after that. I don't think they have taxi firms that far out.

  • Babydoc0617

    I’m suprised wwe hasn’t Used him to face slater. I think he would get a huge pop

  • Aldin94

    He should come back to Raw and face slater, it would be awesome.

  • 114AJG316

    I miss the boogeyman 🙁

    • Chris

      Me too. It's a pretty wild gimmick.

  • James M>>>

    Can I book him to come to my next rave party to eat worms while wearing glowstick glasses on the middle of the dance floor to freak/trip everyone out?

  • Tom lee

    Everybody said raw and smackdown Just boring from last year even wm 28, every week same face,same opponent, someone like Ryback, I almost off my tv when this guy come out to stage !
    Its time to bring out something new or former superstar, the director or organizer of wwe ave to something new as you guy know a lot of wwe fan had sick to see every week same old face..!

  • kevin

    Boogeyman vs Papa Shango PLEASE

    • No not going to happen ever again