The Briscoe Brothers Attend WWE Live Event

Jay and Mark Briscoe were in attendance at Saturday night's WWE live event from the Ocean City Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. There was no attempt to hide the fact they were there as according to eyewitness accounts, they sat front row and greeted fans.

Below is a photo from Twitter:

The status of both Jay and Mark has become a hot topic as they did not re-sign with Ring of Honor when their contracts came up. While there was hope Jay would be able to defend the ROH Championship so they could switch the belt, no deal was reached and the title was vacated (the storyline explanation is Jay's shoulder is too "injured" to compete).  There has been interest from WWE in both at one point but that interest was believed to have cooled in recent weeks.

ROH has announced a World Championship Tournament that will take place over the next several shows that will determine the next ROH Champion. You can read more about the tournament at this link.

  • dunlap84

    As much as I’d like to see them with WWE, they’d have to tone down there characters so much that they wouldn’t be the same Briscoe’s that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years. I picture them becoming a slightly less cartoonish version of The Bushwackers, but they certainly would spark life into the tag team division. One can hope.

    • Nick K

      No they wouldn’t be the same but its irrelevant. They’ll obviously be put with colter and they’ll succeed with there in ring work. A lot of people thought Daniel Bryan,
      Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose wouldn’t succeed but here we are.

      • sir-rusty82

        Who said Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose wouldn’t make it, the only thing Iv ever heard since they came to wwe is how good they are and they have been pushed faster than any new stable I have ever seen in the wrestling buisness

  • Chris

    New “Paul Heyman Guys?”

  • RJR

    Hiring Jay Briscoe might be the end of me watching WWE. It’d be like hiring Paula Deen. Condoning Jay’s hate speech and bigotry as though he did nothing wrong.

    • Nick K

      The Paula seen thing is insane, she said something 25 years ago and condemn her for it…pleas. Like it or not people are entitled to their opinion, free speech isn’t there to protect speech you like and people like you need to. start understanding that. By the way WWE will be just fine without you.

      • RJR

        Freedom of speech is also not a shield to protect you against backlash when you make stupid, racist, homophobic or bigoted comments. People need to stop with the “freedom of speech” argument.

        Yeah, you’re free to say whatever you want to say. But the people who don’t like what you say are ALSO free to say whatever they want to say.

        And the Paula Deen comparison wasn’t meant the way you took it. I meant it as in it would be a mistake to hire her during such a negative run of publicity, not so much what she said or when she said it. She’s just currently bad stock, at the moment, as is Jay Briscoe.

  • T-Zone

    I like to see any Indy star get a shot in the big leagues. However after Jay’s Twitter comments, the Briscoes’ chances may have in question now.

    Remember WWE didnt take too lightly to Abraham Washington’s old Kobe comment last year.

    The difference between the Briscoes and Dbry, Rollins, and Ambrose is they didn’t embarrass a company. They bided their & got themselves over.

    Alas, I remain optimistic.