The Broski Of The Week Song Coming To WWE Television

The Luke & Duane Show wrote the following on their Facebook page:

Today, we reached an agreement with WWE regarding the use of our song Just Take Care, Spike Your Hair (The Broski of the Week Song) on future WWE programming. Exciting times!

The theme is currently used as the theme of Zack Ryder's "Long Island Iced Z" YouTube show.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us this information.

  • aGirl

    Cool! It's pretty catchy imo

  • King

    imo ziggler brought back some presitage <—sorry if spelled it wrong, but zack is taken it away each week. The week storylines they gave him and his gimmick is just a joke. dont get me wrong though i love ryder n/h but he needs a new gimmick for me take him serousily

    • Scotty

      Are you serious bro?

    • aGirl

      Please, he's just starting, let the kid have some fun. Ziggler wasn't that cool at first either, just think of the Spirit Squad. Everything comes with time

  • Darren forkey

    Not bad at least there making money

  • Rosey

    Woo woo woo, u know ot bro