The Contract Status Of Petey Williams Revealed

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We are able to confirm that Petey Williams is returning to TNA Wrestling on a full-time basis and has a new performer's contract with them.

If you missed our earlier report, you can watch a promo he cut after a match with Clash Wrestling at this link.

  • mrkevo69

    Can’t wait to see that awesome flip piledriver again

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Canadian Destroyer…

  • BlazeKing

    Excuse me while I mark out….

    %^%&^%*&^%^$#$%#^%*^^@$%$^%@$#@[email protected]$$!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Yes this is awesome I think that Petey Williams is one of the best wrestlers that Tna has ever had I only hope that they book him right.

  • Jesse and I were marking out big time yesterday over this. Hopefully this means the X Division will be taking a big step up, and possibly an X Division Champ that really knows what he’s doing as an X Division Champ. I’m really pumped up to see what TNA does with the X Division from here. This gives me real home going forward. Maybe TNA is returning to its roots?