The First User Reviews For Dirt Sheet Are In - Download For Free Now!

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Download Dirt Sheet For Free Here

Earlier today I had the privilege of announcing the release of our first ever Android App - Dirt Sheet! The first reviews are in and they are glowing!

[information]Dirt Sheet Reviews[/information]

If you're an Android user what are you waiting for?! Download for FREE here!

Apple users stay tuned and bookmark for release updates!

  • Willie Hester

    My bad i spelled Website wrong….. I Type so fast i need to put my spell check on Lol

    • Willie, it’s no problem. Happens to the best of us. We know what you meant!

  • tna

    Any idea how long it’ll be till its available on the iPhone ?

    • I’m hoping within the next week. We’ll make an announcement the moment we know something.

      • B-Swagg

        Cant wait for it to come on iPhone. Been hearing alot of good things about the app.

  • TTT

    I thought this wasn’t a dirt sheet website!

  • Nathen

    Is the app for cell phones only? It isn’t compatible with my tablet (Nexus 7). Which is a shame because I do most of my web browsing on my tablet.

    • It’ll be iPad compatible and Windows Phone soon. I don’t believe Nexus 7 yet.

    • DB

      Yeah, Richard, I have the same problem. Are you going to make a Android tablet compatible version of this as well?

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Its not compatible with my droid for some reason, I really wanted it, too. Damn.

    • Compatible with Android 2.1 and up

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        My ZTE is 2.3.4…. :/

        • Should work. Had hundreds of downloads and less than 5 reported problems.

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            Add one more report, Richard, sorry. Idk why it’s incompatible, but it is. Oh well. I’ll just keep visiting the site. Lol.

  • Xavier

    The app sucks.

    • What don’t you like about it?

      • Also why do you post as Pluto, Xavier and Jimmy?

        • Xavier

          I don’t like the fact that i can’t download it on iPhone and 3 people use the same computer because me and my brothers share. Sorry for not being as rich and high class as you Richard.

          • iPhone version will be out in a week (hopefully, it’s been submitted for approval). I shared a comp with my brother until we went to college (identical twins). We actually got our start in the IWC by switching off comp time. And wherever you got that I’m “rich” I’ll never know but if you are prophesying, well, I accept!

  • PegLeg1069

    I downloaded the Dirt Sheet app on my cell phone and I love it. I also have an Android tablet. When I tried to download the app to my tablet, it was not compatible. Will there be a version for Android tablets or an update to the current version to make it compatible?

  • Will

    Maybe I’m late but I just downloaded the app for my android tablet and it just doesn’t work!!

  • Will

    Maybe I’m late but I just downloaded the app for my android tablet and it just doesn’t work!!