The Former World Champion Returning To TNA Is...

In a new #Impact365 video, Dixie Carter said that Adam "Pacman" Jones is returning to Impact Wrestling on this week's show. You can watch the video at this link or in the video embedded below:

Carter got the speculation started when she announced on Tuesday that a former World Champion was returning to the show this week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jones infamously carried the TNA Tag Team Championship with Ron Killings in 2007 but wasn't allowed to have physical contact due to his NFL contract. Consequences Creed worked for Jones,where he and Killings dropped the belts to Sting and Kurt Angle.

  • Kleck


  • smark calloway

    Hahahaha you gotta love tna

  • Santaisreal

    YES! Dixie carter finally listen to the millions, and millions of pacman’s fans out there by bringing back PACMANIA BROTHER! This has finally made me come aboard the Dixie train and I think everybody will soon buy a ticket for it as well. Come on aboard everybody! CHOO CHOO!

  • AlphaMale

    I don’t think there’s ever been a better example of this woman not having a clue. She creates a little buzz and it ends up being over Pacman Jones. What a letdown from a monumental doofus

    • Noel

      Dixie GOT YOU GOOD! She was trolling the morons that trashed her twitter feed with troll comments was, laughing at the retards who cite this as a reason why they don’t watch TNA wrestling. so she used, her heel character to punk them put on youtube…

      • AlphaMale

        I don’t care about “trolling” or Dixie’s twitter, or her reasoning for her actions. Heel character or not, the fact is that she’s running a business and in a business you don’t get people talking about something that is is just going to end up being an annoying letdown

  • stoney

    Dixie Carter is a joke, I really wish it is true that the Carter family are selling TNA and TNA gets taken over by smart people

    • Noel

      Eh, it’s heel Dixie trolling the internet. You have to take into account that much of what her character says or does is kayfabe.

  • Robert

    I just gave myself a indelible hand-print on my forehead. Thanks to Dixie Carter and company, I may have to sue you for compensation.

    • Scott Davies

      No if you sue them. You may end up owning TNA & the debt with it. lol

  • The Breaker

    I said on the article that reported Dixie’s tease yesterday that I was half-expecting something disastrously bad, and here we are. Well, at least knowing it ahead of time softens the blow for Thursday.

    • Noel

      Dixie ,got me going PAC man greatest champion. The woman knows what she’s doing and played on her heel character, to punk out the internet, or should I say her critics…

      • ken


        • Noel

          Yes Ken, she played her haters (IWC)pretty good

  • Venom

    Venom’s 2 cents…

    Either Dixie’s video posts wasn’t scripted and she accidently said “former world champion” when she meant to say “a former champion” or she knows what she’s doing and is purposely trying to generate heat by doing some false advertising. Even Jeremy Borash seemed let down that it was Pacman.

    • Bob’s Diner

      He’s a former ‘world’ tag-team champion… so she wasn’t really lying

      Pretty sure they have done that before; said someone was a former world champion with another organisation and it turned out to be some former tag champ from WWE.

      I’m not saying I approve, but we might as well stick to things we can legit make fun of her for – because the list seems to grow every day

      • Noel

        Finally someone gets it

  • Bob’s Diner

    Damn! I was really hoping for Vince Russo…

  • Mathew

    really!? you bring back a guy that practically did nothing the first time around? and the tag titles dont count either. any chance this is going to be a repeat performance?

  • ldb

    TNA has become a Syfy original movie. They are so bad sometimes you watch just to see how bad it is. Change IMPACT wrestling to Sharknado wrestling.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Sharnado was actually entertaining and had a hero that was written like a hero and I actually wanted to see win. Then he defeated the sharks and the fans celebrated.

      TNA could learn a lot from Sharknado

  • Mr. Dolla$ign

    I just checked my fantasy football team and Cincy is playing Baltimore and Pacman should be active. This better not throw him off his game!

  • ohmightycat

    Adam ‘PacMan’ Jones? Even David Arquette would have been less disappointing.

  • Mike McCarthy

    What a huge disappointment.

    • Noel

      Dixie trolling the Internet on YouTube a couple of days before a TV
      taping is disappointment? . How dare a HEEL owner of company use
      social media during her downtime to get even more over as a heel with the people who legit hate her (the Internet wrestling fans)

      She Trolled the internet, This was less the a day of hype. If you just sit back and enjoy the comments bashing Dixie from people to dumb to realize they have been punk’d. she probably had a good laugh..

      • Mike McCarthy

        There’s a difference between “trolling” and false advertisement. TNA is a company that has a national television deal and is the 2nd top wrestling company in the world, it’s not Reddit. Vince McMahon doesn’t “troll” his fans, he also doesn’t lie to them. There’s a difference between being a professional and acting like a child. When business is as bad as it is in TNA the last thing you want to do is lie to your fans. They can’t afford to lose anymore of their audience but it’s exactly what Dixie risks doing when she makes a bone-headed move like this.

  • Scott Davies

    I don’t see what Packman Jones has to bring to TNA. Richard might say he brings name & star power as a sports figure, but only to the US. I mean what interest does that give a person outside of the US. I still feel if TNA needed to bring back anybody to TNA it is Jeff Jarrett. Cause unless TNA manage to sign Cena, Orton or even Batista. Jeff Jarrett is the best option.

    • Mysterion

      Oh this needs a dissection. How can you spell Pacman wrong? It’s literally all over this page. I don’t get that…?

      What power has given you the thought TNA will EVER have a hope in high hell of signing Cena, the biggest name in this generation, Batista, a guy who is now making movies and clearly would expect more than TNA can give or Orton, the current WWE champion who makes more money than most guys on the roster.

      And lastly, Jeff Jarrett is not and was never in the same league as those three. Those three main evented WrestleManias. Won Royal Rumbles. Prove they draw. Jarrett has done and will never do any of those things.

      • Scott Davies

        Goes to show you how popular Pacman Jones is outside of the US don’t it?
        I’m not saying TNA ever will sign Cena & Orton in particular. I mean signing people as top names that are currently the guys. Batista I add as I feel he could still draw. The reason I say Jeff Jarrett the only veteran who is in it for the best of TNA & wanting it, to succeed. He is the only veteran who is not looking for an easy payday or a vacation. That’s all Hulk Hogan & others saw TNA as an easy payday. At least Jeff Jarrett is going to work.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I’m outside the US and not give a care as to who or what he is. She should have signed Adam Jones from Tool – that would have been interesting. Then the other members of Tool could come on, really upset that Adam Jones left to be on TNA. This starts a feud between them all which could be settled at Lethal Lockdown when Adam Jones turns on his team to reform Tool and go on to win all the belts.

          If we are going to be serious for a minute, they should stop worrying about ‘big names’ because Ric Flair, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan made no difference. They should focus on making a better product that will keep fans tuning in. WWE’s ratings and PPV buys prove it isn’t about the names – it is about the brand. And until TNA can improve theirs, they are wasting their money if they sign anyone expensive

    • Noel

      Dixie was just trolling the internet, to get back at her haters the (IWC)Who fell for it, I mean JB was playing the IWC in the video for heaven’s sake, HEEL Dixie was clearly trolling. this was not suppose to be taken seriously, it’s why she called Pacman jones, the greatest champion in TNA history..

  • Mike Love

    No. Just no.

  • Charles

    Dixie Carter is clearly playing off her current heel persona.
    However there is a huge difference between a heel people want to pay money to boo and a heel that makes people say “screw this I don’t wanna watch anymore”.