The Four Horseman Announced As WWE Hall Of Fame Inductees

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The Four Horseman were announced as inductees of the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame on tonight’s Raw Supershow. They will join Edge and Mil Mascaras as part of the class of 2012.

The 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 31, 2012 from the American Airlines Center in Miami, Florida.

  • mark3man

    Very confused, rick flair hsd his pic up and got a bio in the vt. Surely he’s not going to inducted again.

    • Bault16

      Why not?

  • tone

    About time! The Horsemen with Windham, Anderson, Blanchard, & Flair is by far the best!!

  • Andy

    So now ric flair will have two hall of fame rings, i believe that he is…….WINNING

  • Bault16

    Boom! Diamonds are forever and so are the horsemen!

  • Before anyone says, looks like they only showed the classic horsemen. No Benoit included, but sadly no Malenko. But thankfully no Mongo.

    • There were a lot more horsemen than just them. Sid Vicious, Lex Luger, Sting, Ole Anderson, and Jeff Jarret were all horsemen at some point in time.

    • Slyder

      How many get their own special Botchamania reference?

      Never mind that s*** here comes MONGO!

  • JMG

    So…how is WWE gonna do it without Flair? It won’t be the same and I doubt TNA will give him clearance to appear

  • San carpenter

    1. Ric Flair is in TNA and 2. Hes already in the HoF

    • Bault16

      Thanks for the update

      • JakShowtime

        I agree. Hire this man. In fact, give him the keys to the kingdom (of WNW).

  • Alan

    Wait if the Horseman are being inducted what does that mean for Ric Flair? He is already in, plus he is on the tna roster.

  • Hoops

    Not the original Horsemen, huh????? Why not Ole Anderson?????!

    • guest

      Ole is bein a dick right now. He wouldn't want it

  • Code

    What's With Flair Being Inducted Again??? Isn't He Still With TNA

  • Aldo T

    Doesn't matter whether or not Flair is with TNA or any other organization. Credit is due where credit is due.

    Flair, just like the remaining Horsemen have given their bodies and lives to the industry and deserve that recognition for being one of the greatest stables of all time.

    I'm sure that somehow, they will be giving Flair clearance to show up with the rest.

    Otherwise.. Why would they even put up his montages with the rest?

    • "One of" the greatest?
      what stable would you consider is in the same league with the Horsemen?
      DX and nWo are the closest you can get.

  • Dave

    can someone please clarify this. who exactly will be inducted? as everyone has already commented about Ric Flair whom we'd all assume 1) was part of the four horseman 2) is already inducted in the hof 3) is currently working for tna 4) vince would never induct someone working currently working for a competitor brand and 5) dixie carter wouldn't allow it either.

    • HPK

      Sure He would…just to fuck with the competition…anything for money and publicity !!! But , honestly…this could play out 2 ways !!! 1. Flair , as with Bischoff , I believe both guys contracts with TNA are up soon , this month I think and 2. Flair could get the greenlight to go to HOF , but this still would be very unprofessional on a parties involved !!!

  • Dave Barton

    Wonder if they’ll induct all 227 of the Four Horsemen.

  • Rich V

    Surely they will not put Paul Roma in…

  • Doug

    It's about time Miller, Layden, Crowley, and Stuhldreher were inducted! I hope they wear their leather helmets.

  • gibbons08

    I’m guessing it’s the ones they pictured and talked about! Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham along with JJ Dillon as there manager! WHOOOOOO!!!!(4 figures in the air!)

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Bary Was good, but my favorite was the original group with Olie Anderson in the group.

  • Brandon

    Did you guys not see the show? Kind of appeared to me at least Windham, Blanchard, Flair, and Anderson the best of the horsemen are the ones they showed, so I’m assuming that’s who will get in.

  • Jason

    Flair will not be inducted again. He can’t be for all the reasons you all before me have mentioned. The Four Horsemen of Anderson, Blanchard and Windham will be inducted as a group. Basically saying the legacy of the group is being inducted. You all fail to remember that Vince and the WWE own all video libraries of WCW and Crockett Promotions from years past, that’s why Flair was shown on the induction video. Personally I think Arn should be inducted singlely because of all he has done in the business and we all know Blanchard wouldn’t make it unless he was put in as a Tag Team and that’s why Arn wasn’t put in singlely. Windham, to me is a toss up between what they are doing now and going in by himself. Either way, I think it is awesome that they are getting put in.

  • Michael

    the HoF is already looking good with Edge, Mil Mascaras, and The 4Horsemen.

    • Matt Scott

      Must’ve missed mil mascaras!

  • drhaase

    i wonder if Vince is making an exception with his no rival workers rule because Windham is sick, and he might not have much longer…at least that is what i heard

  • kevin

    Ole Anderson will never do anything with the WWE he hates vince from when the WWF was going around taking talent to go national

  • jdl

    They're not technically inducting the members of the Horsemen, they're inducting the stable. The concept of the Horsemen, not the men themselves. Flair is not getting inducted a second time, nor are any of the individual members being inducted.

  • Oldfanmike

    Ole Ole Ole Anderson!!!!

  • Akon112

    Its obvious…rick flair's contract with tna is coming to an end and he will do some work with wwe

  • tyrdea

    Ok, I get not picking certain former Horsemen, but why the snub on Ole Anderson, what about Lex Luger? I can also understand not including Sid Vicious, as his run with the Horsemen was limited, same with Sting. Still, Ole was with the group from the beginning, Luger's run was more meaningful & longer than Windham's.

  • ted

    wwe is only putting the version of the horsemen that was show on tv . micheals and dusty even named them in the wwe video.

    benoit, roma, mongo are never going into the wwe hof, benoit for obvious reasons.

    mcmahon does not see flair in tna as a threat. the guy is turning 63 next month. flair is not a threat to wwe in any way anymore.

    if tna does not let him appear on tv, maybe flair will get mad and quit second rate tna and return to wwe in some capacity that does not involve wrestling anymore. flair is good friends with hhh and micheals so that means he is on good terms with mcmahon as well.

  • Jim

    There were so many different incarnations of the 4-Horseman over the years that there’s no way they could honor them all. I’m surprised the original line-up with Ollie Anderson instead of Barry Windham wasn’t used. Though I do think its cool Windham is getting some kind of recognition. He’s by far one of the most under rated performers of all time. He was one of those guys that the WWE seemed to get kicks out of giving horrible gimmicks to try and get over. But then everytime his contract ran out there, he would return to WCW and pick right back up as one of their most popular workers.
    I was also a big fan of the Flair, Double-A, Lex Luger, and Sid Vicious group of horseman. With JJ Dillon of course. Sting will go in on his own, hopefully sometime soon, but he was also a member of the Horseman. So I hope that they just induct the 4-Horseman as a whole, and not just one specific group. Though they could leave the Mongo Mcmichaels group out and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. By far the worst Horseman EVER!

  • BigMike

    Whatever it takes to get Windham and AA in the HOFD Both deserve it People never seem to give Barry the credit he deserved he was good at getting over as face and heel he was a more natural heel as he got older but earlier in his career when he was first in WWF him and his BIL Rotunda(( IRS to you younger people)) were the US Express and were a damn good face tag team and had great matches with Shiek/Volkoff and the Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation

  • Barb

    I do not see the problem with Flair going in the HoF twice. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has done it with groups and single singers. So why can't the WWE? And by far the group featured Flair, Anderson, Blanchard, Windham w/JJ Dillon should be the group inducted and by the way people his name is OLE not Olie or Ollie its OLE. If you are going to mention him and give the man his respect and spell his name right. Ole probably laughed in the WWE's faces when they asked him so that's why they went with Windham, the obvious choice, God no, not Luger. Yes, the WWE needs to be particular on what incarnation of the Horsemen they are inducting for obvious reasons. But Arn Anderson is loooooong overdue. I am eleated for this happening…finally.

  • dan

    Arn Anderson in the HOF is so long overdue imo.

  • Jeremy

    They'll probably be inducting Arn and Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Dean Malenko. Ric Flair can't be inducted cuz he's already in the Hall of Fame and he's working with TNA Impact Wrestling now.