The Future Of AJ Styles In TNA Wrestling Still Very Much Up In The Air

Given the uncertainly of Hulk Hogan and the recent departures of Mickie James and Ken Anderson, there is another very notable contract coming up that is causing a distraction in TNA Wrestling. AJ Styles, who is set to headline Bound for Glory against Bully Ray for the TNA Championship, could very well be on his way out of the company.

Styles and TNA have been negotiating for months and as has been the case with all the aforementioned talent, TNA has asked Styles to take a significant pay cut. Negotiations stalled to the point where TNA signed him to a short-term extension to prevent their main event Bound for Glory storyline from being ruined but his future is far from a sure thing.  There are conflicting details as to how long Styles is signed through but what we know for sure is that it is long enough to cover next month's pay-per-view.

Based on what we've gathered from this week's Impact taping, the company is at least toying with the idea that if Styles loses against Bully Ray at Bound for Glory, that he has to "leave the company." If this is indeed the case, this could conceivably be the way of TNA writes him off television.

What's interesting is unlike Hogan, Styles finds himself in a situation like Mickie James and Ken Anderson. He doesn't want to take less money [in TNA] but doesn't have a lot of leverage because there isn't much interest from WWE. Hogan will always have his opportunities but WWE isn't believed to be interested in any of the other names.

Given the fact Styles is seen as a top performer in TNA and one of their original core guys, it will be an interesting situation to follow. However, the wheels appear to be close to going into motion to prepare for life in TNA without Styles should the two parties be unable to reach a new agreement.

  • Clint

    Maybe they will do a screwjob angle and either they have aj to the point he walks out or have someone else screw him over and “injure” him.

  • Colt Turner

    I’d love to see Styles in WWE

  • Ricky

    You would think that guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would recommend Styles. Then again Styles has bashed WWE in the past and that could bite him in the ass. As far as Anderson goes there is no way he’s getting back in WWE as long as Orton and Cena are still there. Mickie James I could care less about, I’m sorry but her inervew where she to me pretends that Trish Stratus and Lita don’t exist, rubbed me the wrong way.

  • Thomas M.

    I just want to comment on the “meatier” updates that this site is doing. Great job! The WNW of a few months ago would have ended this article at the first paragraph. The in-depth coverage in this article almost feels like a premium article.

  • LeftyTosser

    My thoughts are more along the lines of who the face of TNA could be. Styles could be easily built into the face of the company from his ring work, mic work, being an original, etc. Even though VKM isn’t interested, that doesn’t mean he should suffer drastically in the payroll dept. The unfortunate part of the whole situation is that while TNA would love to keep him at a reasonable price tag, they cannot afford to give in too much because the rest of the locker room would hold them up when their times came. Darn shame, he’s a good worker that could be the face of the company without it coming at a Sting or Hogan price.

    • Michael

      Bully Ray looks to be on his way to being the face however I think Roode, Austin, Samoa Joe, or even Eric young could step up if need be.

  • Skank

    AJ Leaves…I’m done.

  • Michael

    The dream matches for styles in wwe are endless Punk, Bryan, RVD, Cena, Ambrose, Rollins, Orton, etc. HHH should be able to find a way to use styles. He could restore credibility to one of the secondary titles.

    • jdl

      You might want to take Punk off that list of dream matches. They hate each other. Like, not kinda sorta not get along kind of hate, flat out hate. Knowing Punk’s attitude with people he doesn’t like, I don’t think he could put their differences aside to work with AJ, and based on some of the things AJ has said over the years I highly doubt he could put them aside either. A feud between AJ and Punk would be a disaster waiting to happen.

      • Michael

        This is a business where everybody doesn’t get along Andre giant didn’t like the ultimate warrior but they worked together because it was as HHH says best for business. HHH and Orton have gone on record about not getting alone but they know how to be professional. Hell Jarrett took Kurt Angles wife and they worked together after that now of that can work i’m sure Punk and Styles could make money together.

      • joe

        Not sure if it classifies as dream match, they have had a match years ago in ROH

  • Nostaljack

    AJ Styles is one of the building blocks of TNA. Without him, TNA loses a little of it’s soul. If they actually let him walk, it’ll prove how completely lost they really are. With Hogan (hopefully) leaving, that should free up money so they can start to “stop the bleeding” all around.

  • tone

    AJ should leave…. show up on Raw the next night cut a shoot promo and have a instant feud with a top worker. I would tune in for that. One of the many things wrestling has lost is the element of surprise. haven’t seen anything like that in a while.

    • Mysterion

      That’s assuming Vince thinks the majority of his audience knows who Styles is. Don’t forget, McMahon likes to ignore TNA like an annoying itch.

  • Lebron James

    How is WWE not interested in A.J Styles? They definitely need a new talent agent. I’d also like to see Mr. Kennedy make a comeback in the WWE. Both these additions would be big time, especially now with so many guys out on injury.

    • Alexi

      it’s because he’s 36 and while great in the ring is not exactly the best on the mic by any stretch. Aj’s even said he’s probably only got a few years left in the ring in him.

  • Balder the brave

    If you guys are in serious financial difficulty then consider going back to the old building. If stars wont take a pay cut then let them go. These are tough times worldwide, if u have You much going out & Not enough coming in then cuts have to made. If wrestlers dont understand this then let them earn better in a factory. I love TNA & will always watch. #teamdixie #tna until i die baby.

  • Balder the brave

    That too much going out.

  • Scott Davies

    I personally feel TNA is kayfabing this. I think AJ Styles & TNA have come to an agreement & that they are delaying till after Bound for Glory. There is no way he would have won the BFG series. If he did not agree.

    • Nostaljack

      I wonder about that too. It’s all a bit too tidy. I certainly hope you’re right.