The Future Of WWE '14 Revealed

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Many readers have questioned the future of WWE '14 amid THQ filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week. We're now able to confirm, with the help of the folks at, the game is included in THQ's product development budget for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014.

Regardless of who assumes the assets of THQ, assuming a successful purchase is worked out, the game will be released.

  • christopher525

    If Ubisoft takes over, I honestly don't think that would hurt, they've done some great things with their products, I could see them doing a WWE game pretty well also.

    • dusty588

      It would be interesting to see what EA could do with a WWE game as well.

  • …assuming the new owners don't cancel the title and all others in development.

    • Kleck

      THQ has some extremely profitable IPs with WWE and Saints Row being at the top. They will survive

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe should use EA!

    • Pinkie Pie

      No. That’s a terrible idea. EA is a terrible company. If it doesn’t stay with THQ, I’d rather see it go to anyone else that isn’t EA.

    • Erik Veras

      Remember WCW Mayhem and WCW Backstage Assault. Those were horrible games EA did.

  • Mr Incredible

    EA has a crappy track record of wrestling games. Whoever buys THQ should leave the team intact and let them do their thing!

    • Patrick Peralta

      EA may have a bad track record of Wrestling games..but I love their Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and others like it.

  • Eloy Tijerina

    EA?!?!?!? I think WWE 2K14 has a nice ring to it!!

    • Jamie

      Ea have never put 2k in their titles, that’s 2k who do that

    • The_Suffering

      Um. That's 2K sports dude, not EA.

  • Razmos

    WWE 14 should have a career mode where you start off in NXT as a rookie and work through the ranks, also a career mode where you keep playing through the game until retirement and hall of fame induction, i think the road to wrestlemania is getting old and they cant re-do the attitude era mode, so this would be the next step and a better option for gamers!

    • An0n

      I had to re-read that, but I agree, that would add a new depth to the game, and something new to the series. Well new old.

  • joe

    Imagine wwe 2k14 have a my player like they do with nba ones that would be awsome

  • Kleck

    Did WWE13 have a difficulty setting? I remember playing WWE12 and thinking, wow, wish I had a way to get better at the game than simple exhibitions that I more often than not…lost

  • Joey

    Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy for the N64 were the best wrestling games ever made. If they could incorporate that kind of gameplay with the new age graphics they would have a winner again.

    • Batman

      Nostalgia is a bad thing. They were good, but not the best ever

      Not even close. Fire Pro Wrestling has both those games beat on numerous levels.

    • Im begging they release an HD version of No Mercy or WCW Revenge as DLC.

  • Victoria

    They sould have mr.mikman buy the tna or just get the hardy boyz back to the wwe bec they had a lot of good memory’s there they r really good at what they do and there is a lot of people that would like the hardy boyz back bring them back it would keen alot …

    • Razmos

      I dont see what part of your comment is relevent to the WWE 14 game

  • Shalvin

    If ubisoft is releasing the next wwe game thats fine.All they have to do is to make a pc version of the game

  • Dustin

    I think they should add all old and new wrestlers and Divas and include TNA

    • Dustin

      They should put all the WWE games into WWE14 and add TNA

  • ahmed salem alameri

    wwe13 sucks and well be the same to wwe 14 because thay are not creative thay should do like in mortal kombat XRAY finishing move something look really realistic and make the graphics more realistic 2 thay must do something about games thay are really losers

  • THQ has been hashing out terrible WWE games for years now.. Nobody cares.. Why do they keep going to second rate developers to make their games.. THQ word from the loayl.. Go back to AKI.. they were the only ones to perfect it.. When you start going backwards its a bad sign.. lol.. I remember that freeze glitch they had in the SVR games… they never fixed it for like 5 years… and kept mass producing the games like it was madden.. All the testers should have had their numbers pulled for not doing anything. VEEEEEENT ok. i’m done.

  • AnnQX

    You guys did an amazing job at wwe 13, and that’s why you got high reviews. Even I felt the change from previous games. The game just did a revolution. Now you have to keep it that way wwe 14 should be no appointment. I’m hopping you guy make a dlc or add the some of the greatest wrestlers of all time which are Andre the Giant, and Hulk.

  • Jethrohalloday

    I think the day of reckoning games for the GameCube where the best that’s just my opion.

  • Rob

    WWE 2k15 for the Ps4 and Xbox 720 is what needs to happen cause the game needs more Wrestlers, Great in game Legends: (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Hollywood Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Psycho Sid, 1-2-3 Kid, and Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels), New Matches: (Buried Aive, Punjab Prison, Triple threat tag-team, and Ambulance Match), better wrestlers graphics cause WWE’13 wrestlers graphics was the worst, Universe mode improvements, and Road to WrestleMania: NXT, Federation Years, Ruthless Aggression, and Become a Legend, and Create a Belt.