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With The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels walking out of Wrestlemania XXVIII together as a show of respect, how many matches do each of these stars have left in them?

By all accounts The Undertaker felt good after his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII and he is in the preliminary plans for the pay-per-view next year. I don't know if there are plans to use him in a role outside of Wrestlemania but he doesn't appear to be retired. Triple H has a performer's contract through March 30, 2016 so he's going to be around in a limited role for the next several years as an in-ring performer. Obviously he is also heavily focused as an executive being groomed to take the reigns from Vince McMahon. Shawn Michaels is retired from the ring and has no plans of returning as of this writing.

How much is Brock Lesnar being paid for this year long run in WWE?

I do not have confirmation but I heard Brock Lesnar was being paid somewhere in the $5 million range to work a limited amount of dates over the next year. If that figure is accurate, it's the largest part-time contract in the history of the business. As I mentioned in yesterday's Ask WNW, given the fact Lesnar is getting to keep endorsements on his gear, he has a deal that's unlike anything we've ever seen.

With the record number of pay-per-view buys for Wrestlemania XXVIII, how will this affect the viability of the WWE Network?

Wrestlemania XXVIII doing 1.3 million buys is a very good thing for everything in WWE and I'm sure the company will tout the number in negotiations for clearance on cable and satellite systems. As for it changing anything in regards to the WWE Network, I don't see it doing anything but helping.

Why do you think the WWE decided to have Brock Lesnar compete so early after his return?

Aside from the fact WWE is paying Brock Lesnar a lot of money, they wanted to utilize him while he's hot. Lesnar hasn't fought since the end of December and Vince McMahon wanted to make sure his first post-UFC gig was in a WWE ring. It was a top priority to get him in a match and WWE is expecting it to significantly help WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view buys.

It seems WWE just can't win with John Cena. When he's a babyface everyone hates him and if they turn him heel they're going to hate him just as much. What should they do?

It all has to do with character profession. Ruling out the usual Cena-haters, the biggest thing I think most fans want is a refresh to the John Cena character. The gimmick is dated, bland and in need of something. I am hoping the current direction of losses is leading to a much bigger picture.

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  • PainOfDemise

    I am also hoping for a new direction with Cena since he is losing all his matching. I like Cena, but I want something new.

  • Ranveer

    I think Cena's losses will lead to something bigger. Maybe not necessarily a heel turn but some change in character. I say this because even had an article speculating whether this was cena's worst month ever what with losses against rock and tensai and getting beaten up by brock at every turn. I hope something haapens because any change would be better for him… poor fellow i feel bad for him sometimes, i'm sure even he wants a change!

  • Monty

    We been hoping for cena’s character to progress a little bit for a while now. In his promos wwe should give him more freedom like they gave punk,rock and now lesner

  • Monty

    Richard also last year wrestlemania did 1.1 million so let’s not act like coming in to wrestle made it 2 million buys. Yes it helped but going forward I believe each wrestlemania will do little better than last

    • Sujay

      Are u stupid… WM did record ppv buys during WM 23…. After that it started going down… 24, 25, 26 did less than 1 million and 26 did a little more than 25 bcoz of the hbk taker rematch… After 3 yrs of downhill WM did 1.05 million just bcoz rock returned as the guest host… And now in 1 yr it rises almost 300 thousand which u say has nothin to do with the rock’s return… U must be that dumb to believe it..

  • The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Wrestlemania

    when undertaker retires, i think he can replace vince better than triple h!!! He is more experienced and can be the best promoter since vince mcmahon

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Cena could lose every match untill the day he retires and win his very last match and the Cena haters will still boo him. having him lose is not going to change a dam thing and WWE is dreaming if they think it will.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Cena needs to remain true to himself, turning heel is not what he is unless he turns on the fans and goes after those that the fans cheer, this reminds me of when the fans turned on bret hart and Bret was the good guy, maybe it’s time for cena to disappear for a while and try to reinvent himself, if im
    Cena I just fight through all adversity and all the haters and keep going no matter what.

  • Tyler Bowles

    I don’t care what they do with Cena’s character, I’d like him either way! Been a Cena fan since his debut. So for his character, I could really care less, he’s the reason I watch Raw every week! Have respect for his out of ring work with Make-A-Wish and other things as well as his in ring work.

  • John

    Some fans really over-exaggerate how much heat John Cena gets from the fans because they're 'apparently sick of his character.'.. Cena is still easily the most over guy on the entire roster when it comes to crowd reactions.

    The way some people go on, you would think he gets booed out of the building everytime his music hits, and that isn't even close to being the truth!

  • Matt

    Cena has reached a new level with all of the Cena Sucks chants that happen. Alot of fans and smarks are joining in because its the "cool" thing to do. Reminds me of the days of Kurt Angle in WWE and the You Suck chants for his entrance. Kurt & WWE embraced it and that shot Kurt into the stratosphere for a while. I am not saying that Cena is as good in ring as Kurt or that Kurt was ever the true "face" of the WWE just there are obvious similiarites in the two.

    What gets me is when WWE let 1 part timer in Dwayne Johnson come in and beat Cena and WM that told me that WWE creative is tired of Cena the gimmick not the person. Why else would you let "Rock" go over unless you are sending a message to a guy that has paid and paid his dues that you are not as big or as good as you or people think. Now that Brock has come in and is going to go over Cena I have less and less faith in WWE as a whole.

    I am not a Cena mark and think he still needs to greatly improve in the ring, but for WWE to treat him the way they have I see one or two things happening. 1. Cena turns heel and becomes the biggest heel in the industry since Hogan went Hollywood, or 2. Cena just walks away and takes some time off maybe even retiring for good.

  • Alex P

    Yeah in regards to the last question, I think the WWE has been winning with John Cena in terms of $$$ and merchandise sales. The Cena haters are basically the people that grew up during the Attitude Era and kids growing up now love him! I mean if you turn him heel, people would boo him more but isn't that the point of turning him heel? Like Richard I hope this string of losses leads to something bigger!

  • chijer

    Here is the problem I have with all you Pro-Cena fans. Everyone keeps bringing up what he does outside of the buisiness (Make A Wish Foundation), Pro Military, and so on. That's all great and everything, but it's what he does inside the buisiness that is pissing fans off. His 5 moves of doom are bland and boring, on the mic he is just getting worse and worse every time he is on there (for god sake stop smiling already). Even his finisher (the AA/FU) is a rip off of Lesnar's F5. Those of you don't believe me on the finisher rip off, look it up on youtube. I still remember that promo to this day. Lesnar did more in 3 weeks than Cena has done in the last 7 years combined.

    • Rob

      I think you’ll find most wrestlers have ‘5 moves’ its called a move set… ‘peoples elbow’.. ‘five knuckle shuffle’.. ‘snake eyes’.. ‘ cena’s shoulder charge’.. ‘spine buster’.. ‘cena’s suplex’.. Everyone is the same.. Everyone has moves they use over and over.. It’s not just wrestling that makes a super star in WWE.. You have to be good on the mic, get reactions.. And for all those who boo cena. You are giving WWE exactly what they want.. For all those you buy ‘cena sucks’ t-shirts.. You are giving WWE exactly what they want. If you truly want Cena out of the picture then do what you do to most wrestle you don’t feel anything for.. Ignore him. The more you boo and fill web space with ‘cena sucks’ and ‘he needs to change’ the more it will stay the same – Vince wants reactions (d-bry wrestlemaina) and that’s exactly what you are all giving him.

  • 417BrickSquad

    ^ Dude really what have you been watching the last 2 months??? Cena has been on fire on the mic lately and his promos against the rock setting up wm28 where excellent and he outdid the rock in my opinion and just this past monday he did a better job of building brock lesnar up then lesnar was doing during his own interview segment (Which was still good btw) and ye john does have his 5 move but what wrestler doesn't have signature moves??? I think you just another one of those anti cena losers that have a problem with a guy being the face of the cxompany that is willing to do whats best of the company. Remember ppl lesnar was the same guy that on march 14 2004 in NYC at WMXX that gave the crowd at MSG the double middle finger right before he left the wwe but now that he's back ppl are gonna kiss his ass. And granted brock is a beast no doubt about it but its funny how soon ppl forget…

  • John

    I feel like this whole John Cena in the gutter angle is to get people to feel sorry for him and start getting behind him. The only way that’s gonna happen will be if he completely drop that stupid boy scout crap the ridicules “fruity pebbles” tshirts. He needs to go back to being thuganomics not rapping all the time but wearig throwback jerseys and hats backwards and all. And for goodness sake get a new theme song!!!!!

  • Khalkaroth

    If Cena's character is bland and tasteless, then the "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks!" chant is in the same vein.

    I say we start chanting "We don't care! We don't care! We don't care!" whenever he's performing, or even "Gtfo! *clapclap clapclapclap* Gtfo! *clapclap clapclapclap* Gtfo!"

    But I bet Vince will surely still find a way to "sponge" us…

  • ZeroCharisma

    John cena needs to grow his hair long and grow a beard and wear better pants.

    • nite

      i applaud ur comment sir, that is definately one direction to go for sure and i got a chuckle out of picturing cena that way:)

  • Joe

    Hears what I think well happen at extreme rules lesner wins and injurs cena that gives cena time to finally have a break and let a the younger guys step up while having a lesner-punk feud this giving time for wwe to tweak cenas gimmick

  • LeBron James

    I know a thing or two about tarnished legacies, and John Cena's legacy is going to be completely tarnished if he doesn't become a heel. He will always be remembered for being a crappy wrestler (even though he has improved dramatically, making him a decent wrestler now) and for being hated because of his refusal to change.

  • WyFo

    I know people say “Turn Cena heel” but that actually would be a bad idea. If they turn Cena heel, everyone who hates him (Which is far more than 50% of the WWE Universe by listening to the live crowds) is going to cheer for him. What they need to do is keep him face, but change his gimmick (Hopefully something good). Then once he’s over with everyone again, turn him heel!

  • Jeremy

    I have this thought in my head:

    Brock demolished Cena at Extreme Rules, Cena takes a few months break, reinvents himself and come back during a match between Brock and the WWE Champion (Probably CM Punk), probably at Summerslam, teases helping out Punk but turned on him, aligned with Brock n Laurinaitis, wins the World Heavyweight Title and Tag Team title with Brock, dominates the WWE (like how the 2 Men Power Trip did).

  • Batch-pz101

    Cena was doing the aa At gyms in mass in the late 90s so I don’t see how he ripped of Brock seeing that brock was not even around. Oh but wait you know everything just check you tube

  • faraj

    i say batista shoudl return back to wwe and the fued would go on with john cena where hey left it off!!

  • Ladies, gentlemen, and a**holes. Brock Lesnar is to the WWE as Hulk Hogan was to WCW.