The Glenn Beck Segment That Caused WWE To Break Kayfabe

If you missed the link in WWE's press release where they invited Glenn Beck to Raw, below is video of Beck trashing WWE:

I can't stomach to listen to Beck so I'll admit I didn't watch but this is what happens when marks get worked. It's a storyline, not a political agenda. WWE released this video where Swagger and Colter broke kayfabe to try and explain the difference to Beck. I wonder if he got it?

Thanks to Wrestling News World Gerry for sending us the link.

  • Chris

    As expected, Glenn Beck is a pathetic blowhard jackass. Way to buy into a gimmick 100% you “intelligent” dumbass.

  • Cfmsu93

    This is one of the most ignorant idiots I’ve ever seen. He’s assuming everything he hears as being racist. Just because Colter says we must defend our borders, how is he getting racisism and guns out of that. He just wants to bash WWE just for the hell of it without any actual facts. I just hope Vince doesn’t give in to the criticism of this character because its one of the most creative they’ve come up with in a while.

  • thebops

    If you actually listen to what Beck is saying, he is criticizing the WWE for mocking a significant percentage of it’s audience. Beck’s point of view (however ignorant in certian aspects) is that WWE fans are more likely to lean towards the right as opposed to your academic elites or your Peace Corp types. Look at one of the WWE’s bigest events of the year – Salute to the Troops. I say that many troops and people who support our troops lean toward conservatism and are likely insulted by the way they are being protrayed by Swagger and Coulter. I understand this is Kayfabe, but this storyline is cheap, lazy, and blatantly stereotypical. I highly doubt that a liberal opinion would be exagerated, labelled as evil, and assigned to a heel the way this conservative opinion has. It’s short sighted on WWE’s part, and I (and I’m a big fan) am insulted by it.

    • Mark

      As usual WWE does something good and still people are unhappy. Would you be happier if the same boring storylines that have been going on for years now kept going instead of doing something new?

      • thebops

        I don’t want to give the wrong idea. I’m all for fresh material. But can you really tell me the three examples I gave you were among the best storylines WWE has come up with? I don’t think WWE needs to be controversial to produce good programming. Thinking back, I thought the Edge/Lita “sex scene” in the ring was crossing a line too…

    • BlazeKing

      So, do you feel the same way about R-Truth? Just sayin’….

      Never heard Beck say anything about the Muhammed Hassan gimmick and how it’s “mocking” arabs who are nothing like that… Beck is trying to “intelligently” insult people. The fact that he thought Zeb Colter was mocking Ann Coulter because of some so-called “relation” was one of many holes in his brick wall of thought. I don’t automatically “hate” all conservatives but damn, there are some idiots brainwashing the sane conservatives left. I’m liberal but think that every discussion *needs* that other side; but that other side has to be of sound mind for said discussion.

      In short: Glen Beck is not somebody you should follow as a conservative. Just don’t do it. Please!!! He got fired by Fox News…. FOX News!!!

      • thebops

        Actually, I am not a fan of Glenn Beck. But I think he brought up a couple good points in a sea of incorrect ones. He wasn’t the first to make the Zeb Coulter/Ann Coulter assumption. I don’t think there is anything to that, but I thought I’d point that out. I guess I just don’t like the fact that a gorup I, and a lot of WWE fans, am a part of is being so radically sterotyped and demonized.

  • shwo

    Here’s the thing, the wrestling fan in me is enjoying this however it is frustrating because I guess I fall into category of the tea party and were always categorized as racists for some reason so like it or not Beck has a point, personally I’m not a Glenn Beck Guy I like some things he says but I kinda link him with Rick Santorum who I’m not a fan of. If you watched smackdown you would’ve seen swagger and colter confronted Wade Barrett about being an immigrant so that was a smart move to show its not hatred towards Mexicans. One more thing I gotta say, illegal immigration is crippling the United States like it or not so at the end of the day I feel like this is a little wrong to do on WWE’s part but its conflicting for me personally because as I’ve said the wrestling fan in me is enjoying it.

  • shwo

    Also by saying you can’t stomach Beck your no different than he is as that would Insult readers of your site that are fans of his.

  • Moe

    I found that Colter and Swagger breaking kayfabe was refreshing, and a wake up call to anyone or wrestling fans who can’t get their heads out of their ass most of the time.

    Maybe I’ll say it as well, Alberto Del Rio is the “protagonist”, and Swagger/Colter are “antagonists” in this entertaining storyline.

  • WNW Fan

    Let me first say that I am proud to be a conservative. I, like Beck, do believe in the constitution of this great country. I agree with Beck in that I also am tired of seeing the conservatives bashed as racist and hated toward. But saying that since Linda lost the election the WWE is getting back at the tea party is a bit harsh. Could there be some truth to that? Who knows? However, I don’t believe Vince would have ever done this storyline during the election. After all, he is anything but “stupid wrestling people”. I do though think Beck is making a mountain out of a mole hill for the fact that he should just realize the difference between real life and a scripted television program. Whats next for Glenn? Is he going to bash every single show on television that has a sensationalized opinion that he disagrees with? Beck never mentions the wrestler from the other organization for actually started all this. Vince basically just stole someone else’s spotlight on this issue and then turned it up all the way. I understand both sides arguments on this but why does Beck care what WWE does if he admits he thinks its stupid and doesn’t watch to begin with? If Linda had never ran in the first place, Beck wouldn’t have said a word. He also said Linda was only 2 or 3 percent better than her opponent was in the election. As far as I’m concerned, by bashing Linda he’s no better than the “stupid wrestling people” as he put it. If Beck truly hates political correctness he’d realize that the storyline breaks the glass ceiling on political correctness. Maybe it does go to far but again so does movies and other television shows today. He makes several valid points but he should know the difference between real world and fake. After all he appears to be an intelligent guy. He should use it better. Although why should I matter? I’m after all is said and done just another one of those “stupid wrestling people” as he puts it.