The Great Khali's Return, Talent Working Injured, WWE Copying Zack Ryder, Kane's Program With John Cena

Wasn't The Great Khali released from his WWE contract last year? What changed that WWE decided to bring him back?

The Great Khali's WWE contract was coming up last year and negotiations broke down when Khali required too many days off. However, Khali was able to renegotiate with WWE and has come to terms on a new agreement. I'm not sure there was ever a point where he was officially released as he did WWE promotional work while home in India. You can read about how Khali went from a top priority to an afterthought late last year at this link.

What happens if a main eventer gets sick and is unable to work a scheduled match? Say for example a superstar gets the flu when they are booked, what would happen?

It's going to take a lot more than the flu to keep most workers down. In this business people work through just about anything to keep from losing their spot. When I get questions like this I often recall a time when John Cena worked with food poisoning and actually defecated in his pants. In most situations a worker has to be prevented from working by not receiving medical clearance. When this happens an angle is done to explain their absence.

Do you think WWE is trying to do what Zack Ryder did by helping produce superstars through the use of YouTube?

WWE is absolutely taking Zack Ryder's idea and expanding it. Ryder capitalized on social networking to gain a fan base and basically forced WWE to push him. WWE is always looking for ways to develop new stars and they've heavily analyzed what Ryder did in hopes of copying it.

What are your thoughts on the return of Kane?

I have not been a fan of Kane's return program with John Cena. WWE booked it as a way to give Cena something to do before The Rock while at the same time giving Kane a main event return feud. It would have made more sense for WWE to program Kane against Mark Henry given it was Henry that was used to write Kane off TV, however, Henry was busy with Big Show and is now injured.

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  • triple h

    i am extremely happy with the great khali's return! feels good (as an indian) to see the only indian wrestler in wwe there!

    • JP_Punk

      Jinder Mahal ????

    • Brandon from south Africa

      Heard of Jinder Mahal?

    • Mr. Love

      Jinder mahal, whom is crap so there are 2

    • Stephanie M. Helmsly

      Hunter, what are you doing here commenting on this site? didnt I tell you to go to the market and get the kids some milk? Now put the balls back in my purse!

    • Keenan Mumma

      Khali is a disgrace to wrestling. Are you forgetting about Jinder Mahal. Mahal is also not very good, but is still way better than Khali.

    • Dan

      So I guess Jinder Mahal is what then, Portuguese?

    • Brandon

      no triple h you're from Greenwich, CT and not an indian

    • brad

      jinder mahal is indian

    • XKonn247

      Is Jinder Mahal not Indian?

      • Funkeeh

        no he is canadian

        • Blazeking

          …of Indian descent. In short, he has Indian blood.

      • The Dave

        jinder is canadian born n raised. WWE signed him since he has a great physique n cn speak punjabi fluent

        • diddy

          Jinder was born in Canada to Punjabi parents from what i have read and heard.

      • Lucha_Libre


    • J-Dub

      Um are you forgetting Jinder Mahal??

    • Big D

      It would feel even better if there was an Indian wrestler in the WWE who could actually, you know, wrestle.

    • Dangerous Lee

      I’m Asian and if there was an Asian wrestler who absolutely sucked at wrestling I would want him off tv. I wouldn’t cheer him simply because he is Asian…..Khali gives Indian wrestlers a bad name.

    • Einar

      I agree with you. The return of the great khali was the hightlight of the royal rumble. I put a thumbs up on your coment bringing you from a -34 to -33 lol.

  • david spatcher

    isnt jindah mahal indian?

    • Dunstan


      • Cyrus

        Khali is just wasted huge size actually. I am Indian but I feel Khali is put us down. Still he got way better reception than Yoshi Tastu (From Japan). For Mahal, I think he is mis-used. He could be wonderful heel. Let say he could be like Alberto (dont spread Heat on this) or like 10% or Alberto…For Khali, I think he should be used as WWE legend. Come and see around ring once in six month and then give his version of Chokeslam.

        • Fred

          Jinder mahal is also indian

  • mark3man

    Im sure I’ve seen the kane/cent feud before, its 100% guaranteed that ryder will be heel by mania

  • mark3man

    With different people.
    Is there any chance wwe would bring in someone like Sonjay dutt and have khali as his enforcer, thus capitalizing on khalis fame but not having work much

  • jonathon212

    great khali is back for 1 reason and reason only and that is because of tna ring ka king ….it is no coincidence wwe brought back khali right when rink ka king is just getting started in india.

    anybody who says wwe doesnt see tna as a competition is wrong….

    • XKonn247

      Vince McMahon says it. He must be wrong because a fanboy says so! Oh em gee!!

      • jonathon212

        im not a fanboy its clearly obvious why else would he bring khali back and put him in a prominent position at this point in time when khali is awful in every way ?

        who cares what vince says ? u expect him to say he sees tna as competition…hes vince mcmahon he rather die then admit something like that…

        sometimes in life actions speak louder then words and this is a great example of it

        • XKonn247

          I expect to have a discussion on here with someone who can use the word “you” correctly to start with. TNA are NOT completion. A company that has two shows drawing over 2.6, SmackDown now pushing 3s, vs a company that draws 1.1 on a consistent bases? TNA is needs to worry about ROH taking its spot. Vince brought khali back because he has a incontrolable urge to promote freakishly large men. Big John Studd, Andre, Bundy, Yokozuna, Batista, Viscera, Rikishi, Big Show, Khali, Vader, Mark Henry, Kurgan… Ring ka King is hardly gonna be a ratings topper. It’s just McMahon bring McMahon. He also pulled out of the Indian market believing it to be weak.

          • BigMike

            while I agree with SOME of your points I disagree about KM overlooking TNA I agree with the other guy to a point he brought Khali back for India thats basically it with Khali on the roster and being used YOU know why and YES he DOES like pushing big men but out of those YOU mention quite a few were actually good workers at one time … Vader Studd(( underrated mic skills)) Vis when he was Mable Show Rikishi among others

    • WyFo

      I have to disagree. I don’t think TNA is a threat to WWE. I mean if TNA can’t pass WWE with guys like Hogan, Flair, Angle, etc. then why would Khali (Who isn’t a good wrestler anyways) make TNA a threat?

      • BigMike

        he does not make TNA a threat Khali is ratings in India he is treated like a GOD over there and VKM Knows it he may not see TNA as competition just yet but he does not overlook them and still tries to outdo even those who are not at his level

        • Kapil

          Hey I live in India and let me tell you Khali is no longer popular in India. We Indians just get behind any sort of Indian world beaters simply because we have very few of them. So we love it when AR Rahman wins the oscars even though most Indians will agree that the music he got the oscars for was some of his weakest music. Khali was popular in India when he was in the main event scene and was also the champion for a bit. The ridiculous "news" channels made him even more popular by claiming that WWE is a legitimate sport and actually analyzing his every match just like any other actual sport. He has been totally forgotten even since he left the main event scene.

      • RK

        In my opinion VKM makes TNA a threat by bringing Khali back.

    • Cyrus


  • Marc Benz

    Richard, are you kidding? The Kane-Cena program was incredibly wise. If every wrestler who runs from an injury goes after the guy who "injured" them, it becomes predictable. It also requires each return to involve a face. Kane's return created some intrigued as to why he was going after Cena. It may have been diffused since Kane explained himself on the mic, but it certainly gained more mileage than a Kane-Henry feud would have produced. This Kane-Cena feud makes perfect sense. It allows Cena much more than "something to do" before WM 28. It helps Cena evolve his character. In order to beat the Rock convincingly, he needs to be more than a happy-go-lucky babyface. He needs to have some attitude. And that's what is happening. Of course, the Cena haters will complain when Rock puts over Cena, but at least it will be justified because Cena's character will move away from the 'boy scout' image (every so slightly).

    • BigMike

      I was kind of Hoping for a resolution to the Kane Taker Angle that was never finished from before Kane and Show were a tag team and everything that happened back when the whole "vegetative state" crap was going on

  • Dufus

    Steve Austin also defecated his pants when he wrestled against Yokozuna a while ago. He admitted this in an interview. So it happens.

    • Blazeking

      And he said it on Tough Enough. I remember the way he said it. He was like "Yeah, I **** my pants!!!".

  • Patrick

    I don’t really understand zack Ryder. I mean don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of his YouTube channel and watched all the episodes thinking to myself, why isn’t the WWE doing anything with him? Then the crowds would chant his name and he would receive these huge reactions without ever being on the show. Then when the WWE decided the push him, his reactions never really matched up to the chants people were doing for him to get him on the show in the first place. Now his reactions are extremely mediocre at best. No respect to a guy like sheamus, but sheamus gets HUGE pops compared to Ryder.

  • Jeesse

    When did Cena crap his pants?

  • This Guy

    I defecated in my pants at my job once……at 5:01pm I was fired

    • Mike

      I defecated in my pants at work also… I was about 3 months old and was employed as a diaper tester… Or so I'm told… I never did see a cent from that job, let me tell you.

    • diddy

      you my friend are talking a load of shit please stop it

  • @jblack424

    Haha guess sh.. Happens. Coupel things I would like to see khali that came to wwe. Remember that guys though bad in ring was dominating. Taking hardy out on raw. Have him come take out mahal as he will not or atleast should not make it to mania and give clay a lil decent match. Khali vs clay though maybe not prettest match could be fun. Or those two dancing for a tag team haha would be cool. Someone said would flu keep you out. Henry’s injury happened at peak of his career and he fought through it and I still feel he will fall back a few notches so richard is right its a fight for your spot. Another thing is kane vs cena is cool cause it let’s kane come as heel main eventer and I feel like taker and hhh should be trying to elevate wrestlers as atleast for those 2 not many chances. Kane vs kofi to do same with cena turn him heel would be awesome especially if gimmick match like hardcore lsm etc. Something that pushes kofi. I feel wwe is stacked In talent but a lot are not over because of bad booking. You book this wm as a rebuild year and do a lot of things as like youth movement. Just give opinions if this would be awesome. Cena vs rock/ y2j vs punk wwe title/taker vs barrett/orton vs sheamus vs bryan vs show/miz vs hhh if miz wins cole is gm if hunter wins earns match vs taker next year lol /winner earns title shot at future ppv delrio vs rey vs mark henry vs rtruth christian vs dolph ziggler)us title ryder vs swagger) int title goldust vs cody)beth vs kharma/i say make foley turn into mankind and kane vs kofi and ejack who would make great tag team.

  • Sean Edwards

    Wow I didn’t think they would anwser my question!

  • Bertie

    Did anyone else think takers wig on raw was awful?

    • Frenchfry

      Why does that even matter?

      • broski158


    • Jackson

      That’s not a bad thing to bring up because I was looking at Taker and he
      Looked really odd, I thought the hair was weird but didn’t even cross my mind that he could have been wearing a wig. My hope is that he got a hair cut and brings back the American Bad Ass which is a loooooong shot!

    • Tigre

      That was takers real hair, the only difference is he didn’t wet it considering he did not have a match.

      • Nick

        lol, It was a wig champ.

  • The Dave

    big show vs khali will be argubly the worst one on one match up in elimination chamber history….. I hp someone eliminates khali or show as early as possible…. I beta see socko vs cobra than any one of them……

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    I didn't like the feud between Henry and show.
    They did the main event on the smackdown tour in Belgium and it was boring, worst match I have seen live

  • Undertaker

  • sean

    kane and cena is great and i can see it giving cena's character it's much needed edge especially after raw