The Great Khali's Wife & Dr. Joseph Maroon Speak On Surgery To Remove Tumor From Khali's Pituitary Gland

KDKA 2, the CBS affiliate out of Pittsburgh, has a video report on The Great Khali's surgery he had last week to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. The piece interviews Khali's wife and Dr. Joseph Maroon, who preformed the surgery and serves as WWE's Medical Director. Khali didn't want to be interviewed due to the bandages on his face as the surgery was performed through his nose. You can watch the report embedded in the video below:

  • Dufus

    I wish The Great Khali all the best.

  • christopher525

    Wonder if this will help him speak any better…..

  • Dave Barton

    Regardless of what I think of his ring-work, I absolutely wish Singh a full & speedy recovery.

  • Chris

    I wish the best. I kinda hope though this allows him to move his knees more.

  • Wwe4L76

    Hope he gets better fast


    He has a very pretty wife…just lose the nose ring. LOL. Hope he has a full recovery. Maybe he can live longer than Andre did now.

  • CynIsIn

    Khali would make a great Frankenstein. He's got the size, head and voice for it. Hope he gets well soon.