The Hang-Up On Goldberg To WWE, Wrestlemania XXVIII Main Event, What WWE Gains With A Masked Kane, Disturbing Trend With The Raw Rating

What do you think is keeping Goldberg from signing with WWE for at least one last match at Wrestlemania?

Goldberg would gladly come to WWE and work a final match at Wrestlemania. The problem is he wants a lot of money for just that - one match. From what I've been told, Vince McMahon would like him to sign a contract where he'd be around for awhile so the company could build him. While I've always like Goldberg's work, he's a guy that overvalues his services because he can. He doesn't need the money and feels like if WWE wants him bad enough, they'll give him the deal he wants.

What should main event Wrestlemania XXVIII? The Rock vs. John Cena or The Undertaker defending the streak - which would likely be his final match ever?

First of all you're getting ahead of yourself. While expected to return, The Undertaker is still on hiatus from WWE and is not booked for Wrestlemania. There have been two matches announced, none of which involve Undertaker. If he is announced for the show, which he is expected to be, we do not have an official word about him retiring. There have been rumblings it could be his last, however, I at least want to see him return and get booked before we start planning his retirement. With that being said, The Rock vs. John Cena has to go last because it is the focal point of the show.

What does WWE gain from putting the mask back on Kane?

WWE gains a refreshing new character portrayed by an experienced veteran that gives them another main event talent people want to see. Many would argue WWE hurt the Kane character when they originally took the mask off, however, that argument was damaged when he was given the biggest push of his career (as World Heavyweight Champion) without it. Kane is the only thing that left people buzzing after this week's TVs and I'm looking forward to the progression.

What is the reason for the Raw rating going down while the Smackdown rating is going up?

This is the million dollar question that can only be answered with theories fueled by personal opinion. The trend that concerns me with the Raw rating is the show is constantly losing audience in the second (or in this week's case, third) hour. WWE is getting the audience but they aren't keeping them and that is something that must be fixed.

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  • Monty

    Taker should go last but Vince will make sure it’s rock vs cena. Ric flair vs hbk was a great match with great emotions yet it was almost a mid card match. Goldberg is overrated and I know no one will pay him what he thinks he is worth. I want undertaker to face HBK one more time think about it part 3 both men gone for good from www as full time wrestlers. Cena will turn heel pretty soon Rhys just my hurt feeling. Also it’s not cm punk that’s the problem it’s that heels around him are not strong enough he needs to fce someone bigger. Hopefully Kane will lit up ratings some what but I doubt it because wwe shows just have not been good Monday night raw wise

  • Msuth

    Goldberg was an awful, clumsy wrestler even in his day! I can’t think why anyone would want to see him back!

    • urnemystic

      I agree 100% goldberg was highly overrated and very dangerous to work with. He had no natural talent or charisma just a marketable look (that was completely ripped off of stone cold right down to the ring gear and trademark goatee, not to mention bald head). To top it all off he didnt care about other performers in the ring and regularly injured them (ending bret harts career, whether you're a hart fan or not, taking someones livelihood, especially without apology, is despicable). So yeah goldberg can just stay retired where he belongs.

  • Sonic667

    TAKER has done more for the WWE in terms of work and draw than cena and rock he should be left off this wrestlemania card with a year build to his final wrestlemania good enough for a PG face and a 7 year deserter off the company! Taker should be fully acknowledged for everything he has done not play second fiddle to a has been and a 3-8 year old draw talent that is Cena

  • Zach

    I watch Smackdown every week and the 1st hour of RAW, RAW is on to late which is dumb considering they are on the PG era but they know kids aren’t staying up till 11 to watch it all

  • Scottyo614

    They usually loose my viewership after the first hour. It seems the best match or angle is done at 10 and very rarely does anything happen after that. I’m sick of contract signings, or a match at 10:40 followed by a promo… It’s the same song and dance. Also not limiting this to just PG era, But I hated in the Attitude era when the main event was a tag match with the main event talent. It looks nothing more than they had nothing to come up with. I also feel I get the best wrestling from the mid card guys and I could care less about the trials and tribulations of Cena.

  • Dave

    Under the possibility of Taker returning and having his final match of his career(possibly), then it should main event Wrestlemania 28, he's earned that.

  • Dustyn

    When ever Undertaker does retire, and if he loses the streak or not, I would imagine and hope that that match would go last.

  • Ken

    Richard, just chill…..You don't have to go all "First of all you’re getting ahead of yourself" with your answer. Yes, we understand that The Undertaker hasn't been booked yet; and Yes, we understand that nothing's been officially announced about him retiring. But geez, the guy was just asking the question in the sense of ALL of our expectation. Even you said "he is expected to be" announced for the show, and "there have been rumblings it could be his last", so it just boils down to a question being asked with those possibilities in mind.

    I know that you don't want to "bite the hand that feeds you" or "provide asinine reports like these other NEWZ sites"….yea, yea yea, I GET IT. But the guy who asked the question wasn't validating anything on Taker, or trying to dismiss all of the up-to-date reporting that you provide for us. It was just sort of a hypothetical.

    I just feel that, its mostly the same people that come on this site, and it's gotten to a point where we're all like a little wrestling news world community. So when certain questions are asked, or comments are made, we all basically understand the context, and that it's not 100% written in stone, but more of just an inquiry about a potential happening. That's all.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I wasn't trying to reflect any type of preconceived ego or agenda by saying "First of all…" I was trying to pump the brakes on the embarrassing speculation that makes the IWC a harbor for weak journalism (using the term journalism as I lightly as I can)

    • Jaryd

      It's called responsible journalism… ya know, the kind that doesn't exist much anymore? Where you don't sensationalise for the sake of gaining readership. How is potentially costing himself money by not putting out every exciting rumor having an ego?

  • Mike L

    When the Undertaker does retire, wether it be this year or not, his match should go last at Mania. If it is this year, Rock and Cena should take a backseat to his final match, just because I can’t think of anything more special, in the entire history of the company, than that one match.
    Percentage wise Smackdown has beaten raw every week for the past two-and-a-half months. That should tell them something, but I know it won’t.

  • michael westphal

    simple turn john cena into a heel would see the rateing sky rocket and the look on the little kiddies faces = priceless a

    • Matt Scott

      Getting so sick of people talking about a Cena heel turn. It's been talked about by IWC for over two years now… Get over it.

  • Matt Scott

    Goldberg would gladly return? I'm pretty sure he Tweeted a few months back "WWE can kiss my ass"

    • wnwdotcom2

      …because they refuse to give him copious amounts of money for him to use the company as a revolving door.

      • Matt scott

        Honestly what does a guy that was past it ten years ago expect!?

        • Ruck

          Like it or not Goldberg draws.

          • XKonn247

            No one gave a crap he wasn’t at Mania. People cared more about the potential Lesner appearance because Lesner is still relevant.

          • Ruck

            well Im pretty sure that LesnAr would gladly do an appearance, it just depends on whether Dana will let him. But for Goldberg, I know people like to say they dont care about him returning but I am sure as the sun rises in the morning that if he came back, all these ppl that said they dont care would be chanting at the top of their lungs…"GOOOOOOLDBERRRRG! GOOOOOOOLDBERRRRRG! GOOOOOOOOOLDBERRRRRRG!" Face it, in the state that WWE is in, being boring and blend,a new face will definitely bring excitment, just look at Kane! He came back with the mask and thats all ppl talk about these days, had he showed up without it, it wouldnt be as big.

  • Mishal

    I read reports that ‘Taker is confirmed for Wrestlemania and is set for a return in early 2012 (most likely Feb.) But as far as I know, Cena/Rock HAS to go on last no matter what.


    I hate to say this but seems ratings have actually been down since cena been out if the title picture. More disheartening it’s hit the lowest since punk been champ, my opinion is people rather watch punk as the guy going against the odds and pipe bombing than as the guy that’s the face of the company. Just my opinion though

  • soul

    Undertaker has always stayed loyal to the WWE and earned a lot of respect,though i'm a fan of The Rock he doesn't deserve to main event over Taker's possible last Wrestlemania

  • stoney

    Goldberg is a money loving iidiot

  • Brandon

    I turn the channel to watch the 2nd half of MNF honestly. I love Punk but the way the build up his feuds is just bad and not interesting in the least.

  • Charm

    …And where are the World Heavyweight and WWE champinonship matches in this discussion? Just goes to show how little they mean nowadays…

    • XKonn247

      Sometimes other matches mean more than titles. Like you’d have had HBK have his last match midcard?