The Hardy Boyz Returning To WWE?, Raw Remaining Three Hours

- I'll admit I tried to stay away from this one but it doesn't seem to be going away. Matt Hardy said in a radio interview earlier this week a Hard Boyz reunion in WWE was a "very strong possibility" next year. We didn't run the sound bite because the last we heard Jeff Hardy was close to re-signing with TNA Wrestling but you can listen for yourself at this link.

- WWE Raw is not returning to a two-hour format despite an error on Comcast's guide, listing next week's show in its old 9-11 PM timeslot. As things currently stand, the show will continue to air three hours.

  • Jay Riverz

    Matt is DYING to get a piece of the fame his brother has. He needs to be carefulbefore theyre BOTH out of a job!

  • Ken

    These days if Matt Hard told me that the sky was blue and grass was green I'd have severe doubts as to his truthfulness.

  • PainOfDemise

    The Hardy Boyz would be a great addition to the tag team division. As long as the tag team division doesn't fade away and get thrown on the back burner again, their addition will really keep it going strong.

    • Ken

      It's be a step up for Matt if he could control his ego enough to accept that he'll only ever be a tag star with his brother, but it would be a serious step back for Jeff.

  • Joey

    I'm sorry, but the last few years have really soured me on The Hardy Boys.

  • LeftyTosser

    Personally, I think Jeff is better off as a singles performer. The "burden" of having Matt say or do something stupid. A run with WWE would be nice, but why risk being buried as everyone else from TNA has been.

  • kerry

    id like to see the team xtreme get together again in wwe cause its kinda boring wit dx gone but thats me
    besides wwe is were they started an i can see it they both will hold the tag team an an both championship titles

    • LOL

      Ladies and gentlemen, That was your Syntax champion of the world!

  • Robert

    Didn’t the young bucks announce they’re wwe trial too soon and get rejected? Got a feeling this is gonna happen here aswel.

  • cakes

    it is important to remember that sense the WWE has fully evolved into the “Cena-face” era, that Jeff Hardy was ARGUABLY the most over face of the WWE next to Cena. Yes I know how over Orton was when he turned face against Legacy and how over Punk was as a face in 2011, but Jeff Hardy’s final run with the WWE as a face was truly amazing and it was a shame that he fucked it up. I, for one, would love to see Jeff Hardy come back and continue his feud with CM Punk since, from a storyline purpose, Punk was the one who ended Hardy’s career. This WILL be the feud that will solidify CM Punk’s ultimate heel turn going into a potential program with SCSA. Jeff Hardy is such a like-able babyface that is easy to support and rally behind, but his real life demons would allow the material needed for Punk to fully flourish against him in another feud.

  • Blaze

    More spot monkeys… great.

  • The Breaker

    According to viewership numbers, I’d wager more WWE fans would be more excited for RAW to return to a two hour format than for the Hardys to return.

  • Leo Devlin

    With all due respect Richard, but when are you gonna realize that Matt Hardy is an attetion seeking whore! He will say and do anything to get people talking about him. You should listen to your instincts and stay away from Matt Hardy news unless its to announce that he’s dead. Before you Matt Hardy fans get edgy with me I’m not saying I want Matt to die okay let’s get the straight. Who remember couple of years ago he announced on YouTube that he was gonna kill himself? Again seeking attention! Another thing lets say Jeff does go back to WWE, the guy is a walking marketing machine, Vince will not stick him in the tag team division and piss away money, he’s gonna put him back in the main event scene and who can guarantee that Matt Hardy will even be signed? I’ll only believe this when I see it!

    • Richard Gray

      Yeah that's why I didn't want to post it but it's out there so I put it out there. On a personal level, I've met Matt and he's actually really cool. Just too bad he's done so many outlandish things to create so much heat on him.

    • snap

      Hey, if Jeff can shun his druggie past and turn his life around, there’s always hope for Matt to do the same.

  • Chopper

    In uk raw is shown on sky sports every thursday and only plays for 2 hours. Weird when u can watch live on mondays for 3 hours they must delete all the shite out

    • Andrew

      It’s the adverts more than anything. At least an hour worth of adverts.

  • A2H

    Jeff is just not reliable enough for the wwe. Mat isnt either by the way. I d really be surprised if they resign the two, even more if its as a tag team since the push the tag team division was having is obviously over!

  • In the Uk raw is shown live on a Monday night at 1a.m til 4a.m, I guess you are right as there is a lot of repeating of segments live so it would be trimmed to remain relevant!

  • Andrew

    Jeff is my fave WWE star of all time would be cool for him to be back


    isn't Matt pushing 40 and semi retired seems to me even if he was telling the truth (which is about as likely as cena turning heel) vince would rather just sign jeff with a lot of conditions (the 1st being he stays as sober as a monk) and make a million of him then sign both for the sake of maybe 1 more classic hardy boyz ladder match which jeff would carry.
    Matt is past it sad but true.

  • I don't think The Hardy Boyz will return however I want them to return but think Matt Hardy can't wrestle that good anymore as in the attitude era

  • Michael

    I'd say no if I was the WWE.. I don't think they would do well in PG era, there is not much of a tag division anymore and I think their recent pasts would do they much good either, even if they do come back.. i don't see it as a tag team