The Houston Texans Cheerleaders Caught Fandangoing

The Houston Texas Cheerleaders were "Fandangoing" after practice on Thursday night. Check it out in the video embedded below:


  • Xavier

    I’m still loving this gimmick. But I love watching all those who were crapping all over this gimmick just a couple weeks ago wipe all that egg off their face. Fandango is over and is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

  • John

    I think it’s a little early to be claiming Fandango is over. You can’t gauge the long term appeal of someone based off of the WrestleMania crowd. This week’s RAW, when they go back to the “normal” crowd, will prove just how over Fandango is.

    • Yeah the Texans cheerleaders dancing to your theme song means you are pretty over.

      • John

        So you expect everyone to be singing Fandango’s theme song every week on RAW now? Yeah i doubt it very much. I like Fandango, however my guess is that we will be back to the “you can’t wrestle” chants from next week onwards.

        • Xavier

          I don’t expect every crowd to be like that but the gimmick will get over and stay over for awhile because Johnny Curtis is talented enough to make it work.

      • Xavier


    • Lebron James

      They said the same thing about Daniel Bryans “Yes” chants, and look at how over that man got. Those Wrestlemania smarks always seem to get people over. Fandango is chosen one lol.

    • Xavier

      Dude can wrestle and he’s good on the mic, the gimmick will get over.

  • Win

    Johhny Come Lately strikes again. Funny, I don’t remember you disagreeing way back when were fans crapping on the gimmick.

    • Xavier

      Thats because you have a horrible memory apparently. Go check my comment history, I supported the gimmick.

      • Smart Mark

        “Fandango is possibly the worst gimmick the E has come up with, he was already bland and terrible on the mic as Johney Curtis but this gimmick has probably made it worse”

        Busted your ways of being a liar. You always try take credit for things that to never even said. You are the biggest flip- flopper this site has to offer.

        • Xavier

          Nice try mark, but I never said any of those things. But by all means keep trolling, don’t let me stop you.

  • Jim Johnston on a winner with this one. I really hope he getting good royalties from this and it’s not all going into the McMahon pockets.

    • Nostaljack

      Amazing song – theme or not. It’s the only one I’ve ever downloaded. Lets hope the character catches on the same way the theme has.

      • Smart Mark

        It’s funny how when Fandango came out and said he wasn’t going to wrestler, everyone here hated on him and now that he is over everyone decides to jump on the band wagon and start pointing out the plus sides of Fandango. Bunch of flip-flopper.

  • _JIM_

    Who would’ve thought that someone would actually be able to get a Dancing With the Stars type of gimmick to actually work? Johnny Curtis deserves a ton of props for making, what could’ve been, a huge train wreck of a gimmick work. He seems to have really embraced the character and is going to be a big star for a long time at this rate.
    Jim Johnston’s music sure hasn’t hurt things either. Vince McMahon hit the lottery back in the day when he hired Johnston. He’s a total genius at writing great music that perfectly fits these characters, and he does it almost every single time. I can’t remember the last time I really thought that someone’s music just wasn’t good or right for them. Compare his work to the horrible ring music that the wrestlers in WCW had to go to the ring to every night, and you see just how good he really is. Remember how bad Bret Hart’s WCW music was? Yikes!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Lots of boobs in that room, but not one single brain.

    • Smart Mark

      Same can be said about the IWC