The Latest On Christian's WWE Status

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We continue to receive a lot of questions regarding the status of Christian. Aside from celebrating his 40th birthday on Saturday, there's not an update.

Christian publicly addressed his health in appearance at the October 10th NXT tapings from Winter Park, Florida where he said he was not medically cleared to compete. Christian suffered a concussion during a bout with Randy Orton on the August 26th episode of Monday Night Raw.

The injury came at a particularly bad time for Christian as he returned in June after missing nearly a year due to a legitimate shoulder injury.

Speculation suggests he's due back next month or the early part of next year, however, there is nothing concrete as of press time.

  • missedgehead


  • Chris

    If it were next month I would request to hold off until the Rumble and be a “surprise entrant.”

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I agree. I wouldn’t mind him coming back and winning the whole thing.

  • Jeff

    I just wish he would come back to TNA

    • 1298ty

      IDK why you’re getting downvotes, I wish he’d come back as well.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    Christian returns blaming Orton for poor ring work and causing his concussion, challenges Orton for WWE Championship. Book it.

  • Rus

    Wow Wrestlers are made of flowers these days are they, how long does it take to get over a concussion

    • P

      its not how long the wrestlers take… its how long the doctors take to clear them. A lot of them – Christian included, would probably want to get back on it asap once symptoms clear – loss of tv time and pay etc and they love their job. The doctors can be toooooo cautious sometimes which sucks – could still work tv time without wrestling – promos and segments.

      • Rus

        No depends how important you are, Cena gets a rush job to return and Christian, Sheamus, Tyson Kidd etc get forgotten about. The creative team is probably the cause and don’t know what to do with them unless its royal rumble then they just make them a surprise entrant

        • P

          true – Cena will get pushed to the front of any queue – money will be thrown around for him. Sounds like its a mixture of all three things put together – importance, doctors and your own body. Not a great mixture for a midcard/ main eventer who is trying to come back form a previous injury :/ Hop it works out for him!

          • Rus

            All joking aside I absolutely hope he comes back soon but the sad thing even with his veteran status and how much his done for the company he still has to deal with political BS that golden boys don’t have to deal with

  • DW

    I love Christian I really do….but no more one more matches. It’s been played to death. And really I put Randy in my top 3 concussion kings. Del Rio is also somewhere in my top 5. Christian was concussed by both.