The Miz Comments On Filming "The Marine: Homefront"

The Miz is currently filming "The Marine: Homefront" and Tweeted early this morning about the experience. Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent in the following from Miz's official Twitter account:

  • thebops

    The Miz is gonna be in this one?? AWESOME!!!

  • proud

    Well if this doesn’t get him pushed again then what will?

  • bettysteve

    said to the wife only yesterday morning, "haven't seen the awsome one in a while, with all the injuries, he should be getting another, small, push soon" and behold, my concerns have been answered. *looks around to see if his house is bugged* nope xbox live is disconected from any external sources.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Someone made sequels out of The Marine? REALLY?? REALLY?? lol

  • Autista

    CENA sucks..