The Miz Discusses His Dream Opponent, Dressing Up As The Rock During The WrestleMania XXVII Build, More

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Digital Spy recently conducted an interview with The Miz, covering his experience in other media, if there are plans to turn him face, and more. In the following excerpt, The Miz names his dream opponent:

If you could have a bout with anyone, who would it be?
"I would say The Rock. The reason I wanted to be a WWE Superstar was because of The Rock. I used to watch him in The Attitude Era. There was no-one more electrifying and no-one more must-see than The Rock. Seeing that I just always wanted to have a singles match with him.

"I had a tag match with him at a sold-out event at Madison Square Garden, which I was the main event in. I don't mean to brag about that but I sold out Madison Square Garden in two minutes. Note to self."

The Miz was also asked about his favorite moment on WWE TV:

What Raw or SummerSlam moment sticks out for you?
"I've had so many cool moments on Monday Night Raw. I remember when The Rock first came back and every time his music played everyone would go 'Aaaaah!' Well since they did that every time and I was getting overlooked by everyone - and I was the WWE champion at the time - I decided to dress up as The Rock and come out with the music.

"I thought people would know it was me from the beginning, but they were just so amazed that The Rock was there. I think Cena was getting beaten up and all of a sudden you hear 'If you smell...!' and everyone goes 'Aaaaah!' and all of a sudden I walk out like I was The Rock. Then there was another 'Aaaaah!' and then I took off the sunglasses thinking people will get it now... No! An even bigger eruption happened.

"Then I started walking down and people started getting it and then I beat the crap out of Cena. That was one of my highlights. I thought this is awesome... I messed with everybody."

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  • Miz claiming to sell out Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden is an inaccurate statement…

    • SRP

      That was a joke.

    • GODSENT83

      I’m sure he was being sarcastic

    • Double A

      Not at all, any worker in the "main event" of the evening claims they are the drawing force for the event. Which in this case was R-truth, MIz, Cena, Rock

  • Bishop

    Miz as the Rock was as good, if not better, than when CM Punk came out as Jeff Hardy. I also liked when he came out as Cena to hype their match back before Miz got to the main event level.

    I’m off to YouTube to relive the Miz as the Rock….

    • Jamie

      I loved that bit, I was excited to see the Rock come out, then I laughed when I realized that it was the Miz, it was genius. I would have loved to have seen what The Rock's reaction was.

  • BigMike

    Miz was good as Rock he was ok as Cena CM Punk was good as Hardy but when DX did the nation with HHH as the Rock and Dogg as D-Lo THAT was Classic

    • Paul

      That was funny, I also remember undertaker and Kane coming out as each other, triple h coming out on undertakers motorbike and pushing it off the stage, bischoff coming out as Austin after he “fired” him and all those times Charlie hass came out as different wrestlers.
      It’s been done before but I was still shocked when miz did it

  • WyFo

    Miz tricked me at first, I’ll admit. But when he took off the sunglasses I was like “What the!? That ain’t Rock!” but I didn’t know it was Miz right away. Still a great segment.

  • _JIM_

    Miz really is awesome. Not just a tag line. Kudos to him for working his butt off to live his dream. There aren’t a lot of people that have that kind of drive.

  • Arun

    The Miz comes out as hulk hogan old school alts

  • Arun

    I watched hulk hogan def. andre the gaint in wrestle mania

  • Arun

    I link the miz

  • Arun

    I like the miz