The Miz Does Not Suffer A Concussion

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The Miz took a big hit from Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise on last night's WWE Raw. We gave an injury update on The Miz earlier, which stated that he would undergo evaluation. After being examined, The Miz did not suffer a concussion and he will be able to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi on WWE's Main Event.

  • AnnO

    Thank goodness. That TIP kick looked really rough.

  • jdl

    He may not have suffered a concussion, but it's proof that Kingston is an unsafe worker. A gimmick tweaking and a safer finisher might be in order for Kingston.

    • Andrew Ace

      No way the trouble in paradise is an awesome finisher. You gonna change his character and his maneuver over a freak accident that could’ve happened to anyone. He was tryna give it a great finish by doing it out of nowhere

  • evangrove

    Gosh. I was hoping the bastard was hit hard enough…

    • GODSENT83

      Wow you are a douche, to wish harm on someone who is merely trying to entertain you is a real low

      • evangrove

        Man, what a god send you are.

  • alex

    Accidents happen dumbass. It has nothing yo do with him being unsafe

  • Shy Guest

    Good to hear. He still should be monitored closely however; he may exhibit more symptoms later.

  • “The Nightmare”

    Good hear he did not suffer a concussion. T.I.P. is an awesome move. Anyone can get hurt in that ring at anytime.

  • Trel67

    It looked like that Miz didn’t fully turn his head around. It wasn’t Kofi’s fault. And Miz has injured people too. So don’t say Kofi is unsafe!

  • DC

    Didn’t something similar happen with del rio with shameus, and another time with other cena or orton taking a kick from del rio? I’m not saying kicks to the head should be banned but they don’t seem as controlled as hbk’s sweet chin music

  • BigMike

    it was just bad ositioning when the finisher got hit thats all Kofi has been using that finisher and this is the first I have heard of an accident and BTW he DOES have another finisher FYI jdl accidents happen all the time Miz has hurt people before as well so has ADR many MANY others and as i stated it was bad positioning on BOTH people for the move to go that way

  • _JIM_

    I honestly find that VERY hard to believe. Miz has one thick brain can if he really didn’t suffer a concussion from that T.I.P.. Would he have been concussed if he didn’t have that big match on Main Event? That’s a question I’d like to know the honest answer to.