The Miz Films A Cameo, Brodus Clay Gets A Chance To Sharpen His In-Ring Work, More On The Upcoming Live Smackdown

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- The Miz filmed a cameo in a movie called "Stainless Steel" and also features WWE's Matt Striker and Layla. The flick is due out in August.

- Brodus Clay has been working longer matches on live events to give him an opportunity to sharpen his in-ring skills as the squash matches booked for television do not provide much of an opportunity.

- Not only will the scheduled live Smackdown on February 21st be an integral part in building the Wrestlemania XXVIII lineup two days after WWE Elimination Chamber, SyFy will be using the program to help in the Nielsen ratings sweeps which are measured this month.

  • Mike

    I've got into the Funkasaurus gimmick now. Was annoyed at first, but now not so much. I do hope he shows some skills at some point when he starts to have proper matches, otherwise expending so much effort in the gimmick would just be a waste. I hope he learns to dance too. I like the gimmick, but he could be so much funkier…

  • sean

    Brodus Clay is growing on me he is funny and entertaining though I can see myself and the fans getting tired of his gimmick which s an easy fix just have the guy lose his temper and bye bye Funkasaurus. Also thanks to Mike above me for his spelling of Funkasaurus what a mouthfull

    • Mike

      No probs.

    • AJG316

      Couldnt agree with u more and on a side note who is going to see the movie "stainless steel"

      • Patrick V


  • Logan_Walker

    I Say If You Don't Like Brodus Clay Just Watch His Matches At Least Twice Then You Should Like Him & Get Used To HIm

    • XKonn247

      It’s hardly a match you can get into. They last 17 seconds then he dances for 6 minutes.

  • jordan

    Absolutely hated the gimmick when he debuted no doubt. But now it is entertaining as hell. His t-rex claws his wiggling ha ha. “Oops my bad” lol I’m an old school wrestling fan but this was a nice change instead of the angry big guy. Good job wwe.

  • Bill

    He can't wrestle AND he can't dance. He's got to go. He's terrible!

    • Wwe4L76

      Yes! We want big daddy V!

      • Patrick V

        Big vis ws better gimmick than big daddy v

    • XKonn247

      He can wrestle, when given more than a squash match, he can talk, he looks very original and who gives a living crap if he can dance!? Ever heard the saying “this ain’t ballet!?”

  • donovan

    I have been dying to see brodus in a regular match rather than a squash match. If anything, get him to go up against Kofi Kingston, a vet who has done his share of 15 minute matches, or a tag team style w/ show vs daniel bryan and (insert name here)

  • Maz

    The best apart is when Michael cole says ‘what the f##k’